Hello new yogi’s!


To all the yoga newbies out there, there are a couple of things I really want to tell you…..

*Keep coming to class

*Keep trying new things

*Keep practicing (remember we call it yoga practice not yoga perfect)

And the next time you are in class look around at everyone with you in class ….We all started right where you are. Yep even the teacher was a yoga virgin at one time. Everybody started right where you are right now…Everybody!!

Talk to the people on the mat next to you, the ones that are doing ‘stuff’ you think you could never do, I bet you’ll find out they haven’t been doing this yoga thing very long. But they kept coming and they kept trying and they are still here doing things they were certain they would never be able to do. 

But please know that learning Yoga is so much more than just learning the poses. Yoga is about learning to express yourself and learning yoga is learning understanding, understanding who you are, where you are now and where you’re going.

That’s Yoga; a never-ending journey to be who we are right now. It is not now, nor has it ever been about trying to put your foot behind your ear, let me say that again! Yoga is not about tying yourself in a knot, that’s gymnastics not Yoga, but hey if you can that’s Great! Because I sure as hell can’t. Baby I don’t bend that way!

So when you take a Yoga class, remember, that your yoga practice is an opportunity to shake loose the stiffness, dump that junk we carry and wake up the body. And when the body is awake the Spirit very quickly follows and when the Spirit is awake there isn’t anything you can’t do.

Om Shanti



Developing your Home Practice

It takes courage and intelligence, you know, to do the stages of Yoga right, and to start with this Hatha Yoga… It’s just you and nothing but you, standing in one spot frozen like a statue with no place to go for help or excuse or scapegoat except inward. …..Bikram Choudhury


Winter is here, that means less outdoor activities and events, leaving us more time to devote to or perhaps develop a home yoga practice. You don’t need much to start your personal yoga practice, just a space big enough for your mat. Begin by choosing a quiet, uncluttered space in your home and stock it with the just the basics, definitely a mat. But maybe some blocks and a blanket too. You can also add a bolster or a few big pillows. But really all you need is the space and to know & understand that the space you choose is sacred . Even if it’s in the middle of the living room floor, when you’re on your mat both the space & the time become sacred.

There are 2 ways to look at your home practice either as an addendum to your class practice or as the main event, using classes as a way to facilitate the learning process. Taking what you learn in class back to your home practice. Maybe you use your home practice to build on your class practice; to practice what you learn in class.

Home practice requires more that just rolling out your mat. Most people get that far but as soon as the mat hits the floor they don’t know what to do next.

Your personal practice requires intuition and personal insights and that level of  intuition and maturity will come with time and … you guessed it ‘practice’ but it is worth the time and effort, it will help you to grow as a yogi.

Start by simply rolling out your mat everyday and making that a ritual. Then just do 1 pose! Just one, no more no less. Maybe do your favorite pose, or maybe its just 5 min of Savasana . But just start with one.

Over the next few weeks, I will be teaching about the need for a home practice and the best ways for you to get started.

If you can’t  make it to my Saturday class at Yoga East, join us on the blog for updates and poses to help you build your home practice.

Here are a few pic’s of my yoga space. It doubles as my sewing/craft room. If men have a “man caves” what do woman have? And thats my beautiful Heidi, keeping my mat warm for me.

Om Shanti