Happy Birthday Clearspring Yoga!

Clearspring Yoga has been the matriarch of the Chattanooga yoga community for 12 years but it seems like so much longer, as if they had always been here.

When Clearspring Yoga opened its doors in 1999 it was the first Yoga only studio in the Chattanooga area. Of course since then,  several more studios have opened their doors and  nearly every gym in town now offers yoga. But Clearspring was the first and certainly is still one of the best.

Clearspring Yoga wears the mantel of ‘Yoga Matriarch’ with a quiet confidence and pride. They have stayed true to their original mission and remained authentic to the idea and principles of Yoga, while being mindful of the needs of contemporary yogis.

I have never taught at Clearspring so I can tell you as a student that it is a wonderful place to explore, play, learn and to grow in Yoga.

Happy Birthday Clearspring yoga, I wish you many many more years of inspiring all the burgeoning yogis in the Chattanooga Area. Thank you for helping to shape the positive way Chattanoogans view yoga and for all the contributions you have made to our ever-growing community Kula.

Om Shanti