Sunday hiaku…… Sept 23 2012

walking trails unknown
cascading water sings sweet
music to my ears

Benton MacKaye Tr, Lost creek trail section 12e

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Sunday Haiku….. April 29, 2012 and May 6th 2012

Mike and I went backpacking (well sorta, it’s an interesting tale, I’ll  post about it in a day or two), he went for 7 days and I went for 3. He has way more vacation days than I do. Anyway, since he kept the camera with him I couldn’t post any of the pictures till he came back and several of them inspired the following haiku’s, so I wrote last weeks haiku,  but waited until I had the pictures to go along with them to actually post them. I wrote the first one on the trail as we headed up Blood Mountain in Georgia.

They are called the Smoky Mountains for a reason.

Enjoy the pictures, it was a beautiful place.

Om Shanti


April 29th

things all green and grey
spring fog in the air is sweet
today a new path
early morning,headed up "Blood Mountain. GA" 
 May 6th 2012
moma’s got new shoes
these boots were made for walkin’
trillium lined trails

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