From the Pen of Roamaboutmike

This is a great post, that’s why it made fresh pressed. And it made me think of my friend Jules. She Loves Coffe as much as I do 🙂

And this is what I wrote to Roamaboutmike in response….

Nope, never even tried. In the name of all things Yogi I gave up meat…mostly. Because of yoga teachers training I gave up alcohol…sorta. And for financial reasons I gave up smoking, 27 years ago, seriously I was not going to pay a $1 a pack for something that was going to kill me and made kissing me taste like kissing an ashtray. At least thats what Boyfriend said.
But give up, coffee! Java, cup-a-joe, cup-a-mud what were you thinking. Look there are only 2 kinds of people in the world…just 2! They come in all colors, all genders, all races and all nationalities. They are Leapers… and …Creepers. Leapers get up in the morning, walk the dog, pick fresh spinach for their egg white omelets and start a load of laundry, before they pee and brush their teeth. We hate them. We who require 2 cups of hot love just to get through Good Morning America, while still in our jammies. We Creepers of the world Unite! Embrace your love of Coffee and bow low to the sacred bean that brings productivity to our existence. SO GO, Go all Gillmore Girls on the leapers of this world. Take back your mornings!
Oh and BTW cola & tea dont count. It must be hot, thick, strong and able to leap tall buildings. Hail to thee! Coffee Coffee Coffee.


My proclivity for drinking coffee stems from an innate hatred of mornings. I like the nightlife; I like to boogie – so while most people are bounding out of bed yipping about sunshine and lollipops in  super-chipper voices, I’m calling the alarm clock a filthy name, hoping I don’t break yet another snooze button. 

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