Breathing Breaks


Breathe easy……Take a breather……Take a breath ……Catching your breath

These are just a few of the different ways we express using breath to ‘take a break’. It’s in our lingo, part of our culture, and yet it’s something we rarely seem to do. Instead we ‘take a break’ by getting a cup of coffee or surfing facebook or Netflix on our pc…you know you do and your boss knows it too. We all need to take breaks from our work, even if we love what we do taking a break has many benefits ….

Better Circulation, increased muscle tone and flexibility

Sitting all day long can have a negative impact on the body, which is why it’s essential to get up and move at least once every hour. This increases blood flow improves muscle function, joint mobility and genuinely keeps you from feeling sluggish.

Boosts your Creativity

Get those creative juices flowing! Taking a break from the action allows you to recharge your mental batteries, improving the chances of coming up with that new genius idea.

Increased Productivity

Productive and engaged employees aren’t necessarily ones who work 80-hour weeks, it is usually someone who is engaged in the task at hand and productivity should be measured by the quality of the work.

Reduced Eye Strain

Taking just five minutes away from a computer screen is typically all you need to keep eye strain at bay, and it’s crucial to sustaining work for a long period of time.

Lower Stress Levels

Stress is one of the main things that causes burnout. To preserve your sanity, de-stress and improve the quality of whatever you are doing, you need to step back from the action. And remember it’s not goofing off,

it’s really about taking time to Refuel and recharge.

At the Cleveland Clinic they use yoga and modified traditional yoga breathing exercises as a way to help patients manage their pain and disease. Deep breathing is not only relaxing, it’s been scientifically proven to affect the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system — and maybe even the expression of genes.

Dr. Mladen Golubic, a physician in the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine, says that breathing can have a profound impact on our physiology and our health. “You can influence asthma; you can influence chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; you can influence heart failure,” Golubic says. “There are studies that show that people who practice breathing exercises and have those conditions — they benefit.”  He’s talking about modern science, but these techniques are not new. In yoga, breath work is called pranayama and Yoga practitioners have used pranayama as a tool for affecting both the mind and body for thousands of years.

According to Psychology Today, breaks at work improve employee performances. Below is a list of breaks that may be effective during the work day (Fritz et al., 2011):

  • Meditation helps you detach from work thoughts by clearing your mind and focusing on relaxation.
  • Physical activity helps you increase blood flow to areas in the brain that are necessary for focus and attention.
  • Learning something new or playing a game will help you feel confident and boost motivation.
  • Setting a new goal and thinking about the future will help you see the bigger picture and re-evaluate life in a positive way.

Meditation, physical activity, learning something new, and setting a new goal can sound like a lot of different things you need to do to take that break, but the reality is you can do all these things by simply taking a ‘Breath Break’.

Instead of reaching for coffee to give you a boost, allow your breath to soothe your body, mind and spirit.

If you don’t have time to leave your desk here is a 2 min ‘Breathing break’ you can take to de-stress, invigorate the spine and enliven your brain…

Push your chair away from your desk, place your feet on the floor under your knees, sit near the front of the chair and lengthen your spine.

Now close your eyes and place your hands on your belly and begin to take long slow deep breaths. On each inhale lengthen a little more through the side and back body, while doing your best to keep the chest and shoulders relaxed. After about 5 or 6 breaths open your eyes and let the breath return to normal.

Then begin the deep, calm breaths again, this time taking your arms overhead on the inhale and bringing them down on the exhale, again about 5 or 6 times.

Then place the hands on your knees, inhale to lengthen the body and on the exhale ‘roll forward over your knees’ keeping the hands on your knees for support. Go as low as you are comfortable. Inhale as you bring your body up and exhale you roll forward. About 5 or 6 times.

You can do another round changing the dynamics if you like and if your back is strong enough….

On the Inhale raise your arms up and on the Exhale as you roll forward you release your arms out to the side (swan dive fashion) and towards the floor. If you need to support of your hands on your knees, please keep them there.

If you have more room and time, try the above sequence standing up…. Just adjust from sitting to standing in mountain pose for the first round of breathing, on the second round arms go overhead slowly as you inhale and slowly come down on the exhale. You can add a little bit of fun here, as you go up on your toes slowly raise your heels off the floor.

For the next round (keep the heels down) raise your arms up on the inhale and on the exhale, bend the knees and roll down towards the floor. And on the inhale bring your body back to standing.

Again 5 or 6 breaths for each round. And remember to smile and have fun.

Breathing is the original mantra and just a few minutes of deep breathing is easy, it is an act of self-care and it accelerates the benefits of the work break. And connecting movement with the breath enhances brain function and amplifies the benefits of your ‘Breath Break’.

I could be talked into a wee little video of the above mentioned breath breaks….Hummmm? Interested?

So try substituting the ‘coffee break’ for a ‘Breath Break’ do it every day for a week and let me know how you feel!

Namaste my lovelies 

Oh Shanti


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The Business of Being

So as I continue to move forward (always forward, trudging, trudging) with the Bliss Body Soul business I have come to realize that it might just be time to get serious about all the things necessary to get and keep a business running, you know the little things, like keeping good records, bookkeeping, filing and updating client records (she hangs her head in shame, not as good as she otta be about client records). Ahhh the fun stuff.

I have been training, teaching and yoga-fying my local community for many years, mostly on a part-time basis, through fitness center & studios. But over the last few years I have also started training clients in their homes and have sold my services directly to clients at a few of the places where I teach. So I have a lot more income coming in from ‘other’ sources. The facilities where I teach & train all provide me with a 1099 so I didn’t need to track the income as diligently, don’t worry I kept my pay stubs to compare them at tax time. But now I have payments coming in that “I” need to track and a lot more expenses too, and there’s the need to track the clients I barter with, yep folks the IRS considers that income, go figure. So as I sit here 2 weeks out from tax deadline, my husband breathing down my neck, sorting through the shoe box full of little bits ‘O’ paper and going over my calendar for 2011 trying to track mileage, I have decided I really need to get serious about this shit. It’s time. That’s a good thing, business is picking up, I booked another long-term client this week, and I have several new clients doing 1 or 2 sessions and I had to turn down 2 events in May because I am booked solid (I hated that, they were gigs that would have given me a great deal of quality exposure). I have been putting a lot of effort and time into developing a business plan and a timeline for the next 2 years, that includes marketing and branding.

But I need to spend some time on my spread sheets and on creating a filing system that will work with all the running around and coming and going I have to do. And I need to establish the system now while the business is still small. Part of the challenge is that I practically live in my truck. Going from Client to client & class to class and then on to special events.  I have been involved in all kinds of office work for years from being an office manager and loan officer to being the GM of a rather successful fitness facility. So getting it up and running isn’t the problem, I actually like to organize spaces & stuff. But it is a challenge to stay that way. So I thought you lovely bloggers out there might have a few tips or ideas for me. What’s worked for you?


So to you I pose the following question….

How does a yogi who travels with her office in her truck and has a dedicated office at home as well, keep her shit together?

Om Shanti