What is death or ‘What If Oprah asked you’


No one knows what death is or what happens when we die

It is the great unknown. We … can’t … know.

But I think it is an opportunity, another opportunity to process

The ultimate process

We are all processing~ digesting. Especially those of us that are seeking, we the willing learners.

The Souls seekers digest and process everything or so we think.

But the life we live is filled with so much fear and busy-ness, and unless we actually sit in stillness, sit in and with Presence, that we can’t process everything.

And so comes Death, the ultimate stillness, the only real opportunity to sit with Presence and in the presence of God and process….everything.

From our first Breath to our last Breath,  Everything….

Everything we have learned, everything we have taught, everything we have heard, seen, touched, Loved, Feared. All without the constricts of our fear based suffering, without our judgment, without feeling the need to fix or change it but to simply process.

Death is the opportunity to truly process everything in the presence of Love.

Om Shanti


Nothing to do with Yoga….well everything is a little yogi-like

Great article and all I have to say is…

Well DUH!……. Children learn how to use their bodies by USING THEM! Why in the name of all that is holy do we think it is ok to imprison kids behind desks all day long. I raised 3 boys (+1) the biggest argument I had with teachers who wanted to have all of them tested (none of them were and they are all fine thank you very much!) was why don’t they have more time to play. It is through play that children learn healthy interaction with others, through play we learn leadership skills ( and ‘follower’ skills equally as important), through play we make our bodies fit & healthy enough to take on the shit that adulthood throws at us.   I chose to homeschool my 3 boys for about 2 years and it was amazing and I wished I could have done it longer (got divorced ect ect ). My middle son would take his books, climb the tree in the front yard and do his reading assignments.  And we took chalk and did math on the sidewalk. We would go to the parks and museums. We were very active and I still made sure they all had a ‘recess’ even my teenager. Bring back recess! Dear God bring back their childhood! Bring back play it is as necessary to their growth as breathing….and folks I can preach about breathin’, yes I can!

Parents set a time everyday for a controlled Blackout…turn off all electronics and kick their sweet, darling little butts outside.

OK my rant for the day is over Now go play in the Yard! And go read the article that prompted my rant.

Om Shanti!




A journey through the Bandhas…..First stop Uddiyana


We talk a lot about Bandhas in yoga so let’s explore them in more detail.
There are 5 major bandhas in the body and this is my definition of The Bandhas “the bandhas are subtle and refined uses of muscular awareness to promote strength in the physical body (think Uddiyana Bandha in planks) but to also redirect and to efficiently use energy throughout the body.” The Bandhas help us to move with grace and to better incorporate the principle of Sukha   (effortless work) in our movements.

The main point to understand is that while we talk about the bandhas as individual events or areas of awareness (i.e. belly or pelvic floor ect) nothing in the body happens in isolation (well very little). So when we talk about say, Uddiyana bandha and we talk about activating the belly and deep core line it isn’t just the drawing in of the belly that we are talking about. And truth be told most teachers will tell you to Pull the belly in and up (guilty as charged) but that really isn’t correct because if that’s all we do then we can’t breathe right?…Go ahead, suck the belly in to the spine (think trying to pull on your skinny jeans) and then try to lift it up… what happens to the breath? Nothing right?! ‘Cause you can’t breathe! And you know if you aren’t breathing it isn’t Yoga. Lets try this instead…take a smooth deep breath in….. Notice the soft expansion of the rib cage, not just the lift in the front near the sternum but the movement around the sides and maybe even into the back pf the ribs, try to keep the rips expanded and then exhale by pressing the belly into the body BUT leave the spine neutral, you may even feel a bit more expansion of the rib cage and the feeling as if you are bringing the hip points towards to mid line of the body and guess what you can still breathe! Another important point is that the body isn’t just what you see in the mirror i.e. the front of your body….It helps to think of your ‘core’, your torso as a tube.  A circular body of wondrous activity, of energetic flow, of Pranic movement. And just as muscular engagement helps move lymphatic fluid through the body so can muscular contraction (and flexion) aid in the movement of prana.

Of course that’s just Uddiana Bandha, there are 4 other major bandhas ….

Uddiyana Banda (Belly seal)

Mula Bandha (Pelvic Floor seal)

Hasta Banda (Hand seal)

Pada Bandha (Foot seal)

Jalandhara Banda (Throat seal)

We will talk about the others soon but for now go explore the bandhas and relax and be  at ease throughout your poses, no struggling, no gritting of the teeth and no holding of the breath. It’s all about the Sukha Baby, effortless work. If you’re struggling you are trying too hard. Namaste my Lovelies

Om Shanti


fear less Love Strong

fear or love 2014 cpm

It is true that when you face fear it vanishes. Because there are only 2 actions/reactions                                                                                         Fear or Love                            when fear vanishes Love is all that remains

I fear my words are powerful                I fear my words are useless

But I do not fear the unknown              I fear what I have always done and that it will continue

I fear judgment                                            I fear being unable to articulate my thoughts, my beliefs my loves & fears

But I Love that I am able to speak & that no one speaks for me                 that when I speak I speak authentically

I Love that I can use my words to help & to serve

I Love that I am sure of my truth of my thoughts, my loves & my beliefs

I Love that I am calm & peaceful in those truths so that it no longer matters how well I articulate them only that I live them

In that moment of living my beliefs, loves & thoughts I will begin to move away from fear and no longer worry about the judgment of others


2014 inhale

Taking Chances

Taking chances always pays off, maybe not in the way you might expect or even wanted. But taking changes and leaps of faith means you have looked fear in the eye and giggled a little. It means you chose not to let fear make choices for you. It doesn’t matter what the payoff is, the results is you are stronger.
Go ahead, deep breath in, sigh it out, Now Jump!




Om Shanti


open posts

Ok I’m only writing this ’cause I can’t seem to finish any of the multitude of projects I have started. I have great ideas, things to say and write about, but no discipline (I tell myself I don’t have time…HA! that’s Bullshit) to sit down and actually finish them. 8, count em’ 8 open posts (not counting the seeming endless bits of paper strune everywhere with ideas written on them)……so of course instead of finishing them I sit here writing this. So whats the hold up, whats the problem? Where is the motivation? It’s like I’ve run outta steam. Oh My God I’ve become the little engine that couldn’t!

Actually that’s only mostly true, while some are just posts I simply haven’t finished editing yet, there are some things I may never post. I still struggle with how much is too much when it comes to this public blogging thing. I start a topic and several paragraphs in it becomes personal, very personal. A personal story or anecdote comes out or a deeply held thought or conviction emerges.  Some stuff is no ones business, but words have a way of making their way out into the sunlight. Some times you cant help but write about people, places or things that other people in your life are going to question, or be hurt by. And so I don’t post those, too bad though, some of its good. But I like the writing, the process its self, the sweat, the release. It can be as invigorating as climbing, with only your words  as your life line.

Personal stuff…maybe I should start another blog just for those writings, those ponderings too personal for public consumption. I just wont be able tell you where to find it.


Om Shanti

Ahhh January! A clean slate

2013-wallpapers-4556564655498 I Love January.

To me January is like fresh paint on the walls, that new car smell or pulling up old carpet. January is a new beginning. A clean slate. From Halloween through December its go go go! With so many extra things going on that our regular routine gets shot all to hell. It starts with Halloween then it’s one holiday after another & by the time January 1 rolls around you’re pretty beat & as much as I love the feasts, the decorations & my family I am ready to get back to normal. So January 1 has always been the day to take down the tree & decorations, to clean out the fridge & vacuum up pine needles. Getting my house back in order is exciting, cleaning closets & restocking the pantry makes me happy (not George Clooney just phoned me happy, but happy none the less) &  with things back in order I can start moving forward.  A new year holds as much potential as a new box of 64 Crayola crayons! Now I have time for all the new things coming over the horizon. I have started a list “100 THINGS TO DO IN 2013!” I am up to about 40 so far, with big hairy & scary (i.e. exciting!) things related to business & smaller mundane things like get the console fixed on my truck, oh and to wear more hats, I also have travel plans (see grandbabies and go to the beach).

So what’s on the horizon for you? Do you have any big plans? How about the small things that always seem to get pushed aside? Try making your own list. “100 THINGS TO DO IN 2013!”  Then post that list on the fridge or in your office and at the end of the year look back at all you have accomplished! When you write your list blog about it, post your list here as a comment or on your own blog (be sure to link to me so I can read your list)  & let’s compare them and then encourage each other (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours). Remember your list isn’t a new year’s resolution and there’s no judgment if you don’t complete everything, it’s just oodles of fun and sometimes it’s needed to stay on track with your goals and plans. il_fullxfull_389884053_7142

For the “to do list” I use click HERE, it’s awesome and part of a cool “have your best your best year ever” workbook.

Om shanti


What a waste of time!

Fear is a waste of time, energy and potential. Use your time & energy wisely and you will find your potential.

So what fear blocks you from your potential?

Fear of loss or maybe of winning? Fear of failure or success? Fear of death or life? Fear of pain or change? The list is endless…until you decide to end it.

Fear causes us to shrink, to draw in and retreat. But fear you say can keep us safe, when we’re afraid of fire we’re less likely to get burned, but wouldn’t it be more productive if instead of fear based thinking, you could turn it around and tell yourself you have a healthy respect for things that could do potential harm. Respect inst the same as fear. Fear holds you back from all that you could achieve and all that you could do for others. Turn your thoughts around and ‘fear’ of something becomes ‘doing’ something and ‘being’ someone.

And really, all you get from a fear of fire is the inability to roast marshmallows.

Om shanti