Sunday Haiku February 22 2015

Sooo yea I totally forgot to hit “publish yesterday’. I have been busy, I have seriously gotten back into writing fiction.  I don’t know where the inspiration came from but I am having a blast writing again. Any way here is my Sunday Haiku I hope you enjoy. Maybe someday I will ‘woman up‘ and start a fiction blog too.

Om Shanti


Hand touching water

dip into the well

drops of water on your hand

glisten in the sun


Sunday Haiku Feb 8 2015


New friends and old ways

Learn and grow always changing

me, a blessed teacher


I taught the Sunday installment of the Yoga Teacher Training this weekend. We talked all things yogi…Kundalini, Chakras, Pranayama…you know Life.

I am beyond blessed.

There is talk that being an old  crone is a bad thing, I don’t think so. I have reached a place in my life where I am so comfortable in my skin that I no longer worry about the skin of others. I am also comfortable with knowing shit and being able to share that shit. It truly is amazing to watch others grow. I stand on the shoulders of so many great teachers, in Kundalini it is know as the Golden Chain. I am happy to be part of that chain and to be able to continue my growth by participating in the expansion of others.


picnic lunch, fun times:) pic with our teacher, mentor,

and friend.. 

Om Shanti!    Cyndi, Cindy, Leighanne, Tulsi, Mark, Frances, Rachelle, Amy, Tamra


Monday Haiku May 12 2014

I guess I need a new category – Monday Haiku – since I can’t seem to get any writing done on Sundays any more.


Honeysuckle Haiku

A gentle spring night
Sweet smell of honey suckle
I walk with my dog
Fresh cut spring grasses
The wild roses in bloom
My dog walks with me
Still evening air wafts
Scents only summer can bring
We walk together

Sunday Haiku, November 17 2013

It has been a long time since I posted a ‘Sunday Haiku’. I think in Haiku’s all the time just haven’t posted any. My ex-hubby introduced me to haikus, I have loved them ever since. The Ex is a very intellectual man, no real street smarts, but a serious genius in many other ways.

Sun is in the Sky
Shadows fall upon the ground
Between lies Spirit
Om Shanti


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You inspired me

You moved me, love, action, purpose

You showed me the way


What is inspiration? It’s the feeling that right now, right here is perfect, that right here right now your creative spark is on fire and you know if you stop that flame will go out. Inspiration is the juice that feeds that flame.  Inspiration lifts your spirit, it changes your state of mind so that you see clearly and know that all things are possible.

Sometimes inspiration comes without effort; we find it looking at the faces of our children or our beloved. You stumble on it in unexpected places, a friend’s Facebook page, watching an old movie or having a deep conversation with someone you just met.

Sometimes you have to go out and find it. You have to seek inspiration; you have to call it into being.  Inspiration is found in the sweat from hard work. More often than not seeking inspiration is the hard work.

Finding or seeking inspiration means that you have come to a place where your head and heart are aligned and that not only do you know there is an abundance of life to find, you know where to look.

How do you cultivate inspiration?

You need to step out of your own way. Stop blocking your intuition with negative thoughts and replace them with Positive actions. Know in your heart that you have something to contribute, you may not know what form that contribution will take but know you have a purpose. Allow that flow of energy, that divine energy, to not only move through you, but to simply move you. Stop trying to force things to happen and surrender to that divine energy and experience the creative juice that is inspiration.

Live purposefully!

Give yourself permission to Live on Purpose. Inspiration will follow.

So tell me what inspires you? How do you inspire others?

What moves you to do what you do? To live the life youR live. To be who you are?

First say to yourself what you would be;

and then do what you have to do.


 Om Shanti