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Wild Spiritual Abandon!


I live in a region of the world where when you meet someone for the first time there are only 3 questions that you had better be able to answer; “What do you do?”, “Where do you live” and my favorite “Where do you go to church”.

My usual answers, in the order in which they were presented, are “spin plates” …“in my head” and then to answer my favorite…. Well for years my answer was an apology of sorts,

“well, (my foot kicking the dirt) not anywhere right now” which was always followed by their sales pitch extolling the virtues of wherever they happened to camp on Sundays. I haven’t “gone to church” in years and probably won’t ever. I haven’t ever found God in a building. But you can’t say that because then the conversation goes in some weird directions, with me on the defensive about why I don’t go and them feeling the need to ‘save’ me.

I do not need saving.

I choose to simply live life with Wild Spiritual abandon!

I abandon all forms of ‘religiosity’, I abandon dogma and I abandon the notion that God writes best sellers and then what ya know if I didn’t find God out there just hanging around waiting for me to get my head outta my ass.

It took a moment of shakabuku (a spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever) and it was just one moment, a conversation with one person, a moment of serendipity that re-ignited the spark I always had and had always known about. That meeting of two souls, mine & his, was one of the single most pivotal moments of my life, it was a game changer. But it still took a little time to figure it all out and to go out on that spiritual limb. My courage was lacking; the courage to swim against the tide, to move in a direction that was scary to everyone but me and the courage to find my voice. It was yoga that helped me, for years I taught Yoga on tip toe. I tippy toed around ‘yoga’, teaching and living mostly the asana practice but not paying any attention to the spiritual practice, but after my spiritual concussion, I awoke with a new understanding of what I had been tippy toeing around. A simple truth, that we are all children of the universe that the divine lives in each of us and so now when someone asks “where do you go to church?” I simply say, “Nowhere & everywhere, I am living life with spiritual abandon”

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Om Shanti