About Cheryl

James Thompson said  “Health is the vital principle of bliss, and exercise, of health.”
I am a health & wellness professional and have been since 1986.
I love teaching and sharing yoga, helping people understand that yoga is a spiritual practice and that its so much more than just the poses and movement. Having said that, I also love group fitness and making people sweat and knowing they love it.
I am basically a private person, so this whole blogging thing is going to be a challenge. But I feel like I have something to say, I don’t know what it is or if it will matter to anyone, but here we go………..
I like a good honest debate and I was beginning to think great conversation was a dying art, then came blogging, so many great conversations, sooo little time, so please feel free to comment, to challenge, to disagree, but I reserve the right to delete any comment as I see fit, no I don’t believe in censorship, I believe in manners, so keep it polite, Thank you.
And now the obligatory disclaimer……. Yes, I am a certified yoga therapist/teacher, personal trainer and Life coach. Does that mean I know your body well enough to tell you what to do? Heck no! Its your body, the best thing you can do for it is learning to listen to it, begin a conversation with the body electric and if something doesn’t feel right, go ask your doctor about it. Please regard the information on my blog as just that… information. It’s up to you to discern what is best for you. And should you need more help please contact your counselor, doctor, shaman, spiritual advisor or other professional beings as needed. While nothing posted here is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, I believe that yoga can heal both the mind & the body and at the very least it can be a comfort. I believe yoga creates an environment of healing, health, and happiness.

15 thoughts on “About Cheryl

  1. Stumbled upon your post as I search for an inspiration to setup a space at home for practice. And your mention about being private person and challenge to blog and share resonate with me as I am also facing his challenge. blogging and sharing makes me feel naked.. And am finding the balance….. see you around.

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    1. Hi Kit thanks for reading I hope you can find the space for your yoga practice. Practicing at home is a challenge. I can always find soooo many things that I need to do i.e. dishes, laundry, walk the dog, watch Game of Thrones…Lots of distractions for sure. I also hope you can find your voice. I have been blogging for quite a few years now ( I have a few other blogs related more to personal things and to poetry) but I have found my voice through the blogging process. And while I still hesitate when I hit that “post” button I do it anyway and I am always pleased with myself after LOL, not for the content but for the fact that I had the guts to do it. when you get a bog up let me know!


  2. Namaste from the Land of Yoga,
    Nice to read about you. It is really creditable that you ave been following yoga for past 25 years.
    I am also one ardent follower of yoga. It was really wonderful to meet you.


  3. Sandi

    I love you my sweet sister. You might call yourself Cheryl, but to me you will always be Cheri or Shushy!! You are so dear and precious to me and I look forward to following your blog. Of course you know, we part ways regarding “religion”. Neither of us grew up with any direction, teaching or even knowledge of such things. Our parents never came to an understanding of eternal truths. My path was to discover what you might see as just another path but, in fact, I know it to be the only true one. All others are false. The fact that the word “truth” has become a subjective view is alarming. Truth is not relative, there is no gray area. There is either truth or there is a lie, leading either to eternal life or eternal death so-to-speak. The human experience is not all there is, it is temporary although valuable in that how we live it and what we believe dictates how our eternity will be spent. So, I will happily follow your blog and joyfully love you my sister! And, you most DEFINITELY make a fabulous butternut squash soup!!


    1. How funny, the fact that I have 2 names has been a topic of conversation lately. Someone asked me recently what do I call myself and I had to really think about it.I dont ‘call’myself either name, they were both given to me, so when I talk to myself (don’t look at me like that, you know we all do it) I don’t call myself “a name”, I guess both Cheri & Cheryl apply. I switched to Cheryl when I needed a more grown up name for work. But it became more complex after Mike & I got married, because we met through work, he & all his family & all the friends I’ve made on that side call me Cheryl. Its kinda fun though, you can tell how long someone has known me by what they call me. If they call me Cheri odds are I have known them for more than 15 years. Either way I answer to both, and I come when called for dinner and really that’s all that matters.
      Yes we do move in different directions when it comes to spirituality. Mom & Dads lack of direction really didn’t have much to do with it. Everyone reaches a place in life where they have to make their own choices. I know a lot of people raised in very religious homes, the parents were on the same page, they went to church/ temple /fellowship meeting and then as adults still made a choice to move in another direction. So lets take them out of the equation. I am glad you stand so firm in a truth that resonates deeply for you. But ask your self “what about everyone else”? Since we are talking about Christianity lets use that as an example. Christianity is truth for millions of people all over the world and yet within it there is so much division. Catholic or protestant? Which is True? Lets assume its Protestant. Baptist or Methodist or Presbyterian or Mormon? Which holds the truth? Lets assume Baptist (we are in the south). So which Baptists are speaking the truth? Southern Baptist, Primitive, Missionary, Independent, Freewill or the small Baptist church up in the mountains? They are all different in their interpretations of Christianity. And most of them would probably argue that since you don’t go to ‘their’ church or follow exactly to the letter what they believe, that you stand ‘outside’ the truth. It’s when people think that they have the “only” way to God that trouble starts, wars are fought, families divided, countries raise and fall all over religion(s), over dogma. And that same division can be found within all the religions of the world and is that what God truly wants? For us to be divided? I don’t think so.

      God has given people many directions to choose from. We have been given free will, to choose the path that leads us to the truth. I choose not to align myself with any one religion or set of teachings. I embrace all paths that have been touched by God. That’s my truth. I believe that we are all children of God and as such we are capable of igniting that divine spark we all carry within us. I don’t think God exists ‘out there’, separate from us, only to be discovered after physical death. God exists in every one of us, that divine spark we hold is our GPS, it guides each of us home. In our own way. Your GPS guides you in one direction and mine in another, but our destination is the same. All God wants is for us to seek, to make our way Home.

      I love you too dear sista’ and next time I come for a visit I will bring you some soup 🙂


      1. Lisa R

        Dear Cheryl, (I’ve only known you a little more than a year, so you’re Cheryl)

        I love your reply and how you so wonderfully explain the different directions we have to chose from. I too believe that there isn’t only one way, but if someone choses “their” way as the truth that works for them, that is ok too. We are all on our own spiritual paths, and I have yet to find one set “religion” that encompasses all I believe. My beliefs have actually changed over the years, growing with me as I grow spiritually. I do believe that what I believe at this time might not be that same as what I will find in the future. I love this openess that God has given me, it’s much better than being “in a box” for me. Thanks for sharing, my friend. Namaste


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