Are Private Clients needy?

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I have a private client that was attending an event downtown recently and she was seated at a table with a local yoga teacher. During their conversation my client mentioned she did yoga but had a private teacher. The person she was talking to said she did not take private clients because private clients were ‘just too needy’……. Hummmm well my knee jerk reaction is “what a jerk!” but that’s not very Yogi like is it. So I thought about it for a minute and I know that each of us has our talents and the gifts we were born with. And I’ guessing that her gift is something other than working with private clients. It does take a specific skill set to be successful at working one on one.

But I think it’s her perception of private clients as being needy that I took the most exception too. It is way off base……They aren’t needy but they are in need. They need the specialized training that a private yoga teacher has. If you had a heart problem you wouldn’t go to a General Practice Doctor you’d go to a Cardiologist. If you need help with your teeth you see a dentist. If you are training for an Iron Man event you don’t go to your local gym and hire just any Trainer you hire someone who specializes in coaching athletes.

And the people who go to a dentist, cardiologist or hire a coach aren’t considered needy. But they do have a need.


And just as not all yoga teachers are gifted as private teachers, private yoga isn’t for every student. Most of you will never have that ‘need’. But don’t assume that because someone is hiring a private yoga teacher that they are needy and just want a lot of attention. All of my clients have very specific needs, such as pain reduction, mobility issues, illness or injury recovery to getting ready for a marathon or Iron Man (and many others). But whatever your reason it should be looked at as part of your self-care regime. Just like getting a massage, seeing a chiropractor or having your teeth cleaned it’s all part of what you do to keep yourself health and well.

You keep doing what you need to do to be healthy and well!


Om Shanti



6 thoughts on “Are Private Clients needy?

  1. Robin

    Speaking as one of your needy private clients, it does take a special person to do what you do so well! You are not only an awesome one on one teacher, but the best group class leader as well!! Whoever that other person is just can’t compete with the best!


  2. Donna Morse

    Thank you Cheryl. That is just an example of finding the perfect teacher (yogi) for you. I found that in you and am very happy that you are a great group teacher and an extremely gifted private practioner.

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  3. Wow, the level of snottiness in that teacher basically telling your student to her face that she’s one of those “too needy” people makes me shudder to think she’s teaching yoga.
    I really like working privately with people and being able to tailor our work together to their specific needs. And I’d add that, besides those who have a specific healing need, some people are just too self-conscious in a class to be comfortable doing the poses, some are too afraid to ask questions in front of other people or to ask that you do something in class to serve what they need that day… And yes, that’s a form of neediness, but I like being able to provide the safe place for those folks to learn yoga in comfort.
    My guess would be that teacher has some kind of issue about neediness that either leads her to see it everywhere or that attracts really needy people to her..

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    1. I really enjoy working one on one too! But it’s been my calling for as long as I remember, work with those that need your help. If she is s good class teacher then great, obviously her gift is not private work, but to disparage what someone else does, just because it doesn’t suit well that’s not very yogi like either. But it was the word needy I took the most exception to, having a specific need doesnt make someone needy. I honestly believe that there are those like us that are called to serve…to serve needs. And like you said in a place that’s safe and comfortable.

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