A new approach


Lets look at this idea of being mad at pain. We get angry and treat the pain body as the enemy that is to be crushed or beaten, but is the pain really your enemy? Pain is just one of the ways that the body communicates with us.

Only one of the ways.

The loudest way for sure. Pain is like that bully in school who gets their way by pushing others around or the guy at work that always talks in the meeting, never saying anything productive but saying nothing louder than anyone else.

We can get mad and frustrated at the pain and it’s easy to do and understandable. But when we do that the pain gets all of the attention. Lets assume for the moment that it’s back pain, if all you do is focus on the pain you feel while forward folding you forget about the fact that you can do other things really well, maybe spinal extension or rotation.

So let’s try something together, just for now, just in this moment move your awareness from the pain and look for something in the body that’s working………… did you find something? Good. Now for just for right now, nurture that something. Encourage that  part of you that is working pain free.

Nurture what’s working.

When you can do that then maybe you can also begin to nurture what may not be working so well and maybe you can stop being mad at the pain. It may not go away,  especially if it’s chronic pain, but at least you can help to reduce the stress associated with that pain.

I was a skinny, nerdy kid and of course got picked on … A lot. and I remember my Mom always telling me don’t ignore them, but be the first to laugh at yourself and to not let them get to me. She also said to never let them win, and they could only win if they could get to me. It took years for that advice to sink in but she was right, by ‘killing them with kindness’ they eventually left me alone, because they couldn’t win.

Pain can be like that, don’t ignore pain, it’ is the bodies way of saying that something is wrong, but if you nurture what’s working and stop being mad at the pain, at least then the pain doesn’t win.

Nurture what works.