fear less Love Strong

fear or love 2014 cpm

It is true that when you face fear it vanishes. Because there are only 2 actions/reactions                                                                                         Fear or Love                            when fear vanishes Love is all that remains

I fear my words are powerful                I fear my words are useless

But I do not fear the unknown              I fear what I have always done and that it will continue

I fear judgment                                            I fear being unable to articulate my thoughts, my beliefs my loves & fears

But I Love that I am able to speak & that no one speaks for me                 that when I speak I speak authentically

I Love that I can use my words to help & to serve

I Love that I am sure of my truth of my thoughts, my loves & my beliefs

I Love that I am calm & peaceful in those truths so that it no longer matters how well I articulate them only that I live them

In that moment of living my beliefs, loves & thoughts I will begin to move away from fear and no longer worry about the judgment of others


2014 inhale


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