Yoga as preventative care,


The idea of Yoga as preventative health care is not  new.

In the west especially, Yoga has become more about trying to make yourself look like the cover of a yoga magazine than about health; mental, physical & spiritual health. So how then do we convince people that yoga is for everyone, that yoga is about breathing, breathing life into your tired sick body. Yoga is about moving, moving your body in ways that propel your life forward. Yoga has always been about health, a healthy body, a healthy mind,a healthy spirit.

Take a few minutes and watch this TED talk from Lisa Rankin, MD……. go ahead I’ll wait, it’s important.

Is medicine killing you? Lissa Rankin, MD at TEDxFargo

This is a long one, but the message is very clear….. modern medicine, at it’s best is life saving and awesome for emergency or acute care, but for long term, chronic conditions modern medicine is lacking…. This is where complimentary care can have an amazing effect on the health & well being of the general population. Physicians need to have and to use the resources of those offering complimentary services, such as yoga therapy, massage, acupuncture ect ect. We too are here to help and to heal.

Dr’s, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants,  listen!…… I am a Yoga Therapist, use me! Or at least use others like me. We can help you teach your patients how to reduce their stress, to live healthier lives. Take time to understand what stress really is and then realize that there are resources available to you, to your patients, to everyone. Together we can ‘reclaim Soul medicine’.


Om Shanti


Sunday Haiku, November 17 2013

It has been a long time since I posted a ‘Sunday Haiku’. I think in Haiku’s all the time just haven’t posted any. My ex-hubby introduced me to haikus, I have loved them ever since. The Ex is a very intellectual man, no real street smarts, but a serious genius in many other ways.

Sun is in the Sky
Shadows fall upon the ground
Between lies Spirit
Om Shanti