And Then….


And then there are nights like this….quiet…peaceful….

Ok too quiet………. too peaceful

The mind goes places where it shouldn’t

nights like this it goes only where the most courageous  go and I am not sure I have that kind of courage

Courage of my convictions?…… I have always had that

Courage to face the unknown?….. Yep that is actually one of my strengths

Courage to persevere when all seems lost ?…. well I’m not going to say it’s a strength I am particularly grounded in, but damn it I am have been there and managed to find my way out.

But the courage to face “that” …..that what’s in my heart …

<sigh>…..  well that’s another story… for another time and perhaps another blog…….

Om Shanti


Happy Tuesday! Start your day with grati

Start each day with gratitude.
When you can be grateful for what you have, what you have becomes enough, when you have enough then you have abundance, when you have abundance you have more than you need, when you have more than you need you have something for giving…So it is from a Grateful heart that Forgiveness flows.