Why Yoga?

yoga poster

Why yoga?

Well why not Yoga?  We all seem to trying to change some aspect of of lives and Yoga is transformation.

It transforms you not only physically, mentally, and emotionally but yoga is a spiritual practice. It elevates your spirit to new heights!

Yoga’s seemingly endless combinations and variety is what appeals to me. I am the quintessential Gemini. I like many things, many very different things, I keep lots of plates spinning and I am very easily distracted by new things… Oo Squirrel..!   My yoga practice helps me to stay grounded when something new catches my eye and draws my attention elsewhere …squirrel!


Yoga touches me on all those different levels of who I am.

Yoga is the dancer in me. The healer.

The Mystic. The Lover.

The writer. The Listener.

The dreamer. The doer.

The loner. The friendly face in a crowd.

The one who offers a helping hand. The woman who leans on you.

Yoga is all those things and so much more. And so am I.

Unlike dogmatic philosophy or one note religions, yoga doesn’t lock you into one idea or concept of who you are or can be. Yoga is adaptable, changeable….. Live-able.

Yoga gives me wings. Those wings lift my body in dance, and the Yogic breath elevates my spirit so my soul can take flight. Yoga weaves together the different aspects of who I am into one seamless story.

Tell me your story. What is Your Yoga?

Om Shanti



4 thoughts on “Why Yoga?

    1. A Gemini! Well that makes sense, we are twin souls. And yea P90X……. I have mixed feelings about it, OK maybe not so mixed.
      Its Yoga asana on crack.
      And it’s ONLY asana, no pranayama (breathing), no teaching actual technique or what the poses are doing for you or why they are important. When William Broad wrote his inane piece about how yoga wrecks your body he was writing about all the folks who were doing the P90x version…P90x yoga isnt Yoga its yoga moves in a boot camp fashion. No one who is out of shape should be doing P90x yoga.Period. Sorry, rant done!
      Climbing off soap box now 🙂
      Sooooo Whats not love about Squirrels.


    1. I really think the Restorative practices are at the heart of the healing aspects of Yoga. I still love me a warm sweaty vinyasa but true healing starts when we can slow down the body and clear away the debris trapped in the body and the spirit. Thank you 🙂


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