Because breathing matters

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The conversation this morning went something like this…..

My Client: “But the problem is when I slow my breath down the movement gets slower too”

Me: “Hows that a problem?”

Client: “Well, it’s not really yoga if I go too slow. I am supposed to move fast to get anywhere, right?”

Me: “Where are you trying to go? What are you trying to achieve?” Yoga can be so slow you don’t move at all, that is more restorative, Yoga can be fast paced, jumping, hoping, one breath/one movement. And it looks like its moving fast right? But it only looks like that on the outside, Yoga no matter how fast it looks on the outside  should still feel slow on the inside. If you move too fast, no matter what you’re doing, you can create tension in the body, clenched jaws, tight tummy’s, fingers clutching at the mat and that all becomes tense breathing. So even if your yoga is fast paced, keep the breath smooth and easy, then on the inside you can become very still, even while moving.
Thats Yoga!

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