Yoga as Medicine

This is a great way to start a series of articles I will be writing on Yoga & Exercise as medicine. One of the biggest hurdles we yogi’s have is getting people  to understand what Yoga Therapists actually do and how beneficial yoga can be.  And the key is getting Insurance companies to endorse yoga the same way it does other complementary care modalities such as massage therapy and chiropractic care. Well it looks like the insurance companies will have to sit up and take notice now, listen as  Mark Bertolini, chairman and CEO at Aetna Ins talks about using Yoga as a means to over come pain when conventional medicine wasn’t working. Please read this article & watch the video and pass it on to all the CEO’s and esp to the corporate wellness directors out there. Lets get the word out about the importance of Yoga and in bringing Yoga to the work place.

Here is a quick link to the video interview


And here is the full article.

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2 thoughts on “Yoga as Medicine

  1. The problem is far more widespread than just Yoga, sadly … in fact, insurance companies don’t recognize massage therapy either. The problem, they say, is that there is no standardized licensure for massage therapists. Here in Virginia we therapists are governed by the Board of Nursing, but other states have very little, and in some cases no, oversight/regulation. Without medical oversight, the insurance companies say they won’t provide coverage. I think Yoga is so beneficial because of its wide range of health benefits, but I think it will take some time before insurance companies finally can see it. That said, I have a couple students in my Yoga classes now who get their classes covered by their employers — a “good health” benefit that helps lower the overall rates of their company’s insurance. So, at least some employers can see how Yoga has health benefits.

    I’m looking forward to your series … I really enjoy your posts! ~ J


    1. Thank you! I agree. Here in TN Massage therapists have to pass boards and are lisenced ect and some of the insurance co’s do give discounts for massage and even a very few reimburse for massage. But Yoga is still viewed as a recreation, a sport. And much like massage about 25 yrs ago, having to over come the image of ‘massage parlors’ Yoga will have to over come the image of Bikram standing on peoples backs and of all the pretty young ladies on the cover of YJ. But I have hope!!! Damn it! LOL…. Dr’s are warming up to the idea of complementary care and telling their paitents, ‘you should try yoga or you need a massage! 🙂


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