Here a Yogi, there a Yogi, everywhere a Yogi!

I love New Year  yes I know its already March, but the “new to yoga” crowd has been going strong this year and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! If you’ve been hanging out at gym, fitness center or yoga studios for a while then you know what new year means for those of us that work there. Busy Busy Busy! The holidays are over and folks schedules are getting back to normal so they start coming back to classes on a regular basis. And then there are those that spent the holidays pigging out and slacking off  “Guilty as charged”.

images (2)

The’re back too.  And of course there are all those wonderful New year’s resolutioners (yes thats a word). So classes are kicking it, crazy full and lovely! So I thought I might give you a few tips on how to navigate a crazy full yoga room.

Classes have been so full, I can barely walk around without knocking over a water bottle or kicking a yoga block across your mat.  It does make moving around the room more interesting.  That said, it is good to know what to expect so here are a few pointers.

  • Don’t worry if your mat is 6 -8 inches from your neighbors, look at it this way you’re making new friends, your breathing each others air so you better learn to like each other.
  • Stagger your mats, you a little more forward, them a little back. Create space.
  • Be aware of your mat neighbors.  I do try to keep the use of lateral movements to a minimum in close quarters, but still be open to modifying your practice with smaller movements.  Sometimes less really is more.
  • Keep with you only what you need – blocks, straps and a blanket should do it.  If you want to have water, make sure its in a non breakable bottle with a lid.
  • Have fun.  The more people in the room, the more energy.  All this energy can lift your practice to unexpected heights.
  • If you are new to Yoga in general, remember you don’t have to “do” everything, just because your mat neighbor puts his/her foot in some interesting places doesn’t mean you have to.
  • Speaking of feet in crazy places, if you are gifted and can put your foot in interesting places (i.e Flip dog) keep in mind you might be invading someones space. Sometimes lees is more.
  • Oh and if you wear classes and sometimes take them off during class, put them somewhere they wont get stepped on, on the edge of your mat, I have been known to tuck mine down my top, they get icky but not broken and in savasana, lay them on your chest or belly.

And last ‘Be prepared to share”…space, breath, air and Yogi toys. Sometimes where you practice may not enough blocks/blankets/bolsters ect to go around. Someone may need ‘it’ more than you.


DSC_0504 Bhakti Fest

These have to be pic’s of the worlds biggest yoga class ever 🙂 WOW

Om Shanti



2 thoughts on “Here a Yogi, there a Yogi, everywhere a Yogi!

  1. I need to remind my students of all these thoughtful tips! Our classes have been blissfully full as well. One day, things were so cozy that instead of having people put their hands at anjali mudra at their hearts at the end of class, I had them extend their arms out to their sides, so their palms joined with the people who sat on either side of them — so our prayers were all joined as well. It was such a beautiful moment it gave me chills. Blessings to you … for bringing Yoga to so many people!


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