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Ok I’m only writing this ’cause I can’t seem to finish any of the multitude of projects I have started. I have great ideas, things to say and write about, but no discipline (I tell myself I don’t have time…HA! that’s Bullshit) to sit down and actually finish them. 8, count em’ 8 open posts (not counting the seeming endless bits of paper strune everywhere with ideas written on them)……so of course instead of finishing them I sit here writing this. So whats the hold up, whats the problem? Where is the motivation? It’s like I’ve run outta steam. Oh My God I’ve become the little engine that couldn’t!

Actually that’s only mostly true, while some are just posts I simply haven’t finished editing yet, there are some things I may never post. I still struggle with how much is too much when it comes to this public blogging thing. I start a topic and several paragraphs in it becomes personal, very personal. A personal story or anecdote comes out or a deeply held thought or conviction emerges.  Some stuff is no ones business, but words have a way of making their way out into the sunlight. Some times you cant help but write about people, places or things that other people in your life are going to question, or be hurt by. And so I don’t post those, too bad though, some of its good. But I like the writing, the process its self, the sweat, the release. It can be as invigorating as climbing, with only your words  as your life line.

Personal stuff…maybe I should start another blog just for those writings, those ponderings too personal for public consumption. I just wont be able tell you where to find it.


Om Shanti


2 thoughts on “open posts

  1. That’s the conundrum in writing, if you write with your heart behind it, you can not help but be forthright with all those intensely personal things that are true to your core. If you do not write with your heart, then … why write at all? 🙂


    1. It becomes something else doesnt it? Something tainted or at least not ‘true’, not ‘plumb’. It has taken me a long time to find my voice again, and I have no intention of giving it back 🙂


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