Sunday Haiku Dec 9 1012

Namaste Everyone!

I haven’t posted a haiku in a while, busy busy busy, Hell I haven’t written a regular post in a while….working on that. This one came to me last night, as I was falling asleep so I had to get up and jot it down…then couldn’t get back to sleep of course.

Winter solstice time
The Long dark night stirs the soul
Still the sun rises



When writing about the Solstice isnt it mandatory to have a picture of Stonehenge…..

Om shanti!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku Dec 9 1012

    1. I know, I like the ‘long and dark’ sometimes esp in winter, the night sky is so clear and the stars just pop out at you, you can almost touch them. And of course there is comfort in knowing that almost immediateness the days begin to get longer again. Thank you for reading.


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