Winter Solstice and other cool things


Well here it is folks, December 12, 2012, exciting I know…. But the whole month of December is full of big events. What with Christmas, and Hanukkah, the end of the world as we know it.  

I know todays date looks cool, 12-12-12 (wonder how many weddings there will be today?) but catastrophic events? Probably not. The world didn’t end on 07-07-07 or 05-05-05 or even 01-01-01 (wonder how many software coders got married on that day) so I don’t see why all the fuss of 12-12-12, except it is that last time we will have dates like these for a great many years (assuming we are all still  here), it is cool that we have had a decade of cool dates lining up, I’m no mathematician, astrologer or calendar junkie, but I’m thinking it was about 100 years ago when this last happened, January 1, 1901, 01-01-01, and so on for the next decade. And if you follow the trajectory backwards to January 1, 1801 01-01-01 and so on and so on you can go back a few millennium ….And 100 years from now will be 2101 and it starts all over again, then 2201 and so on, so this has been going on for a long time.  I wonder if people flipped out about December 12 1212, now that might have made me worry a bit, numerologists no doubt had a good old-time with that one. So moving trajectory forward, what dates in the future of the world line up exactly like that!? Any? I think if it was all going to end that was when it would have happened…12-12-1212 @ 12:12:12. But nope too late. It keeps spinning and we keep breathing.  Some cool notes about 12-12-12, well the number 12 in general……In Chinese numerology the #1 is masculine and 2 is feminine. So together they represent balance in the Yin & Yang, so maybe today is a good day for balance poses…..  1 + 2 = 3  ……3 is a divine number, representing the soul or godhead. The number 4 represents earth and mankind, The product of the divine number 3  and the earthly number 4 =  12, so 12 is both the sacred and secular.

As for ‘this’ up coming 12-21-12, the whole Mayan calendar thing, let’s just say that I plan to wait until 12-22-12 to start my Christmas shopping…..just in case.  Instead on Dec 21 I plan to celebrate the winter solstice with a long slow flow class with a lot of yin poses. Keeping the practice close to the mat, close to the Earth, going low & slow letting the warmth build up gradually, starting from the third chakra. From that seat of power we can stoke the fire, than bank its warmth to take us through the longer held postures. Then follow with a candlelight meditation. I love doing candle light meditations, so peaceful, joyful and rich with the warmth of friends and fellow yogis.

And if it does all go to hell in a handbasket  and the end comes, so be it, I will go with my mat under me!


Om Shanti!


Sunday Haiku Dec 9 1012

Namaste Everyone!

I haven’t posted a haiku in a while, busy busy busy, Hell I haven’t written a regular post in a while….working on that. This one came to me last night, as I was falling asleep so I had to get up and jot it down…then couldn’t get back to sleep of course.

Winter solstice time
The Long dark night stirs the soul
Still the sun rises



When writing about the Solstice isnt it mandatory to have a picture of Stonehenge…..

Om shanti!