Silhouette of thoughts

Please try to remember who you are…..

You are not the thoughts of others. What anyone thinks of you or about you doesn’t become you, it doesn’t make you…it makes them.

You are not the sum of the opinions of others, you are richer than that and Your riches come from Your thoughts not theirs.

You are your own thoughts and through your thoughts you create. Create your universe. Your world, Your life.  Don’t accept what others think of you, when you do that, you adopt their thoughts as your own, and then those thoughts of yours become what you create. So instead meditate, become very still & quiet, listen to your soul, to your thoughts and from them create all that you know.




Om Shanti




6 thoughts on “Silhouette of thoughts

  1. I could not agree more. Too often we get so caught up in what others think of ourselves that we come to believe that who we are is defined by what people think of us. If such were the case, would convincing everyone a rose was a dumptruck make that rose a dumptruck? Probably not!


  2. Beautiful commentary Cheryl. The teachings of the Buddha has been at the forefront of my ability to make sense of the world within me and without. What I hold most is the idea of personal accountability, through self awareness.


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