there’s more than one way to skin a pigeon….

I appreciate everyone reading my blog about pigeon pose, but a dear friend sent me a message on FB and asked about the position of the foot and some other folks texted & emailed similar questions. So I took some pictures  last night showing the different foot positions in pigeon.

The main question was “is the foot supposed to be flexed if it’s tucked under?”…. and well, no it’s not. If it’s tucked under then you can’t flex it, and if it’s tucked under then you dont need to. 

Getting your position right  (right for you that is) in pigeon has several factors that affect it, how tight or open are your hips? What level of toque are your knees able to take? And hows your core strength?

As you come into Pigeon (we are on the Left side) you want to bring the Left knee forward BUT angled out towards the Left hand. Not dead center of your hands. By taking the knee on an angle your Left foot usually ends up somewhere under the RIGHT thigh. Now assess the pose from here before you go any further…. hows your hip? Is it pretty close to the mat? High up in the air or somewhere in between? Also begin to have a conversation with your knee. Because you can, very slowly and in stages, take the left shin forward, as if someday that shin will be parallel to the front edge of the mat. As the knee creeps forward over time (weeks, months, years perhaps) that’s when you begin to flex the foot. As the knee makes it way forward there is more torque and flexing the foot protects that knee.

So here are the pic’s, neither is wrong, it just shows the example of when you need to flex the foot.



 notice the knee slightly angled and the foot under the thigh








on this one the knee is further out and forward, notice the foot



**and yea we need new carpet or maybe I should just vacuum…nahhh

Om Shanti



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