Have you tried turning it off and on again?

You know the human mind is the greatest computer. Well of course you know that.  The human brain is capable of making 100 trillion calculations per second. And your mind is capable of thinking amazing, complex thoughts. Some of the thoughts are positive, some are not. When the less than stellar thoughts keep looping around over and over and over again keeping you trapped in old patterns  of behavior, you need to know that you are capable of changing your programming.

You can Re-write your personal algorithm.

When our thoughts no longer serve us, when the ideas we have are antiquated, when that grove we’re stuck in keeps taking us back to the beginning, never allowing us to move forward, then we have the option to ‘reboot’. If  our thoughts keep us hardwired into patterns of behavior we have at our finger tips, ‘ctrl-alt – delete‘ , the 3 finger salute  to thoughts, ideas and concepts that no longer serve us or the universe.

And unlike the actual PC at your desk you can reboot your system yourself. No need to call the IT dept, we can learn to recognize when a thought has become a loop, a grove in a record. And when those thoughts come up again & again, always generating the same  psycho-neuro-spiritual response. We can activate ctrl-alt – delete.

Ctrl your breathing. Pranayama. Learning the different breathing techniques yoga offers can help us to slow down those speeding thoughts before they become a train wreck. Just the simple 4 count breath can change our brain chemistry, slow our heart rates and lower our blood pressure.

Alt your way of thinking. Once you recognize the thoughts in the loop, replace them with ones that serve where you are in your life now.Think a new thought. ‘I’ve failed before’ becomes ‘I’m going to keep trying, the outcome will be different’.

Delete those old ideas and concepts that hold you back. You may have to throw them away more than once. But each time you press Delete it will be easier and easier to do.

Having a daily meditation practice is the best way to be able to recognize these patterns, these thoughts. Take a few minutes each day and allow yourself to become still and quiet and see if you can identify the thoughts that roll through your mind and with patience, ahimsa and practice those thoughts will have less and less control over you. They may never go away, but they will certainly be less of a burden.


Om Shanti












8 thoughts on “Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    1. Thank you. I had creating that picture. 🙂
      I love your new post about Garuda, one of my favorite postures. I don’t think I knew that much about where it came from.


      1. yogawithmaheshwari

        Thanks. The story comes from a book called Myths of the Asanas. Great book if you’re into the stories behind the poses.


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