Inhale…exhale…Inhale….exhale… lather rise repeat

Some days I just have to go with the flow, to ‘not’ take life to seriously. But to saunter through the day until its time to crawl in the bed and rest up, to get up, to do it again. You know, do the boring stuff that fills that gaps in life. Honestly for me getting through this ‘everyday ‘ junk can be harder than facing the challenges of life,  not that the challenges are easy, hell they wouldn’t be challenges then would they. But for years and years I had been quite the master (mistress?)  of taking on Goliath and making it work out to the benefit of the many, albeit sometimes sacrificing the needs of the one. During tough times I am filled with determination, I am a calm place in storm, the one who deals with the shit as is necessary and then after the storm subsides, collapses in a heap to emerge 3 days later none the worse for wear.

So it is during these times of calm, with no storm to navigate through and no heaping weeping mess after, just the nothingness of being, that  I’m working on learning to appreciate these days of gentleness. Learning that these are the days for stockpiling the energy to get through the challenges that lie ahead. And I am sure they are out there.  Just over the horizon, just around the corner, just over the next hill….

Om Shanti




3 thoughts on “Inhale…exhale…Inhale….exhale… lather rise repeat

  1. Cheryl after reading your posts in reflective mode, I often come across a post or two that may resemble your own train of thought. If you have time do a search on my blog for this post ” Transcending the Mundane”. It is an examination of my own struggles with life’s mundane moments.


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