Sunday Haiku …….July 15th

live long and prosper
how nice you’re a trekkie too
a vulcan greeting
Om Shanti  & Peace and Long Life;)

9 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku …….July 15th

    1. LOL I love it. Anything thats gets a good conversation going I love!
      But (and I dont know which side of the debate you were on) If yoga is about a balance in your life, (for those of us who are house holders and not monks) I dont see Vulcans as all that balanced. While we as Earthers as overly emotional, then Vulcans are overly logical. Therefore not perfect yogi’s. But I tell my students that there inst ‘perfect’ in yoga thats why we call it ‘yoga practice’ not ‘yoga perfect’.
      The ST trilogy (Kirk, Spock & McCoy) represent that balance we are all looking for, Strength & Wisdom; Logic & Control; and Emotional heartfelt nothing held back. The 3 of them. are us.What we can be.
      And yes It would appear I have given this a lot of thought 🙂
      Thank you for visiting, do come back.
      Salutations and felicitations, Tally-Ho!


      1. We love a good conversation too! I fell on the side of Vulcans exemplifying many aspects of Yoga, principally that of doing no harm. The Vulcans, as a whole, are overly logical, but that was a reaction to their own history where too much emotion nearly destroyed them. In their own way, they attempted to balance the two but, like you said, went too far in compensation.

        Kirk, Spock, and McCoy do have a rather interesting and balanced relationship. Now Spock to me represents the ultimate Yogi, though perhaps not perfect, he is more in touch with his Yoga Practice 🙂

        After years and years with his all-too emotional companions, Spock (aided by his half-human background) comes to realize that logic alone is not enough, just as emotion alone is insufficient. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, but combining logic with emotion is the path to true wisdom. It’s a wonderful example of the quintessential Vulcan philosophy, IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations). What better combination than to take the wisdom we find in our friends and our experiences and combine that with our own innate wisdom and own experiences so that we can arrive at our own personal path to enlightenment?

        Thank you for the discussion, as now you have generated more wonderful discussion for my wife and I, as well as my fellow Star Trek nerds!


        1. IDIC?!! You are a true Trekkie
          Those of us that are seekers are drawn to ST, and I think to Spock, because we can see what our potential is, where we could go if we preserve. And Spock really is us. Always seeking where to fit in without sacrificing who you are. Anchored firmly in ‘where you have been’ so that you can move forward with purpose. Without being attached to the past. That’s tricky stuff. I have a wonderful little book, All I need to know I learned from Star Trek. And I have to admit I did learn alot from it. Good and Bad.


  1. I may be showing my “maturity” but I have been a fan of Star Trek and I love the premise on which the show is based: Mankind advances as a sentient and peaceful race and stretches of the limits of the human experience through exploration of the stars and the wonders therein.

    In response, the proper Vulcan response to the greeting (AFAIK) is:


    OM Shanti – Namaste


    1. I have been a trekkie for a great many years myself. As a child (in the 60’s) begging my parents to let me stay up to watch. And then discovering it again in my teens through syndication of course, before the days of cable. I too was drawn to it because it showed humanity as I saw it (and still see it) as having unlimited potential for good and greatness. Of our ability to overcome our own tendencies towards bullshit. Perhaps its the “Pollyanna” in me but I truly think we have it in us to reach the stars. Even if we never actually leave the ground.



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