The Universe has got your back, baby!

I don’t know why I am always surprised when serendipity comes beebopping in the front door, just when I shut the back door. It has happened too many times in my life that the universe knows just when to lay something at my feet (or throw it at the back of my head), and yet it still surprises me. Two events this week have further reinforced my trust in the universe.

As I slowly begin to move forward with the business of Yoga Therapy, gaining momentum and moving towards  full-time work. I am beginning pick up a few new clients here and there and making some great contacts. But the biggest challenge, really, is where to start.

How to get my foot in the door where I know I can do the best work. Serve the most people. Working with clients, one on one calls to me, loudly. And working through a Doctor’s office where I can get the word out to the greatest number of people,  is where I know I should be. But it felt like something was holding me back and I had a pretty good idea of what it was.

I have taught a regular class on Friday nights for almost 7 years and I love the people who come to that class, but for the last year or so the numbers have dropped and the atmosphere where the class is held hasn’t been quite as good. There have been some rough patches between management and some of the teachers (me included) and as I look back I realize that all the turmoil and drama, which was taking place, was in fact pushing me out. The universe had her hands on my back shovin’ and pushin’ but I resisted, I could not bring myself to surrender, and for all the usual reasons…1] I truly love the people there and I  admit to being veeerry comfortable there…  2] I started the Yoga program there, it was my baby… 3] I have a very strong sense of responsibility I don’t want to leave people hanging and I knew the director would have a tough time finding someone to teach on a Friday and I was right  and … number… 4] well, change is hard.

But I finally did it, I turned in my notice and June 22 was the last Friday I taught that class. I felt giddy, free! I don’t know what to do with myself. I could TAKE a class, what a concept! I could meet my hubby for dinner. We haven’t had a Friday Date Night in over six years! I could go home and put my feet up, walk the dog, watch the news, the possibilities are endless! But the truly amazing thing is what happened next.

I have a dear friend who has been going through her own awaking of sorts and she is a writer for an online publication, well she contacted me that evening after my last Friday class and wanted to do a story about me!…… I know!!!!

I looked around, surely she meant someone else. I can’t imagine being interesting enough for a popular local on-line news magazine. But she assured me I was. So what the hell I gave an interview. She even wanted to use some pictures of me doing yoga. I trust her, and she promised to only use the ones that didn’t make me look too chubby LOL. And while that’s great in itself this whole week has been filled with anomalies. By the following Wednesday all 3 of my regular Thursday morning clients had cancelled. That never happens! Maybe one or two, but all three! Nope never! So while I was wondering what would be the most productive use of my time (laundry, wash the truck, work on files or supplies, put together workshop info) an old friend popped into my head, Rebecca, a wonderful esthetician and I decided that I should get a facial. The hell with being practical, I needed a little me time. So I called her and made an appointment for Thursday morning. Now, I haven’t seen Rebecca very much in the last 2 years and the last time was many months ago. Rebecca and I used to work together at the same facility, but now Rebecca works in a spa associated with a doctor’s office and I had never been there before. After the usual ‘howdy do’s’  she asked what was going on for me and I showed her my new business cards and a brochure and told her that I was finally moving forward with all the plans I had talked about in years past. We talked a lot during our time together, mostly playing catch up. But then she asked me how much room I needed when I worked with my clients, “about the size of the room we were in would suffice” I said, we talked about the different rooms the spa had and she told me I needed to come back that evening to meet the Doctor that she worked for since the spa was having an open house. Before my hour with her was up I had given her a stack of business cards and brochures. She gave me a tour and we looked at the rooms I could potentially use. It was happening so fast. Well I did go back that evening, met the doctor, an internist who happens to be ‘into’ complimentary care and he has given the go ahead for me to use space in his office to see clients.  

So as I sit here writing, Rebecca and I are texting, trying to schedule a meeting to get the details worked out. All because I was willing to listen to what the universe was telling me and then to act on it. I chose to go out on a limb and trust that it would all work out, that shits hard.

So what’s holding you back? What holding patterns are you in that are keeping you from moving forward?

Take a few minutes each day for quiet contemplation and meditation. It’s in those moments of quiet and stillness that we can truly listen to what the universe has to tell us and to know what direction we should take. Change can be a good thing and we can only move forward when we are no longer shackled to the past.

So let loose your shackles and take that leap.

Trust that the Universe has your back baby!


*****here is a link to the article Jen wrote

Om Shanti



3 thoughts on “The Universe has got your back, baby!

  1. Thanks Cheryl, I needed to hear of your experience of letting go of the shackles.It is an inspiration. I too need that change. And yes, I am afraid somewhat if not a lot. You are definitely correct in your reference to quiet stillness to “listen to what the Univers is saying.


    1. listening is sometimes the easy part, I think. Following through and acting on what you hear is the part that requires courage. We have to ask ourselves what is holding us back and if its fear, what are we afraid of. Tough questions for sure. And the answers can sometimes be hard to hear, but at least its a step forward. Onward & upward! Do what ever you need to do to be up lifted.
      Namaste Walter,


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