Yoga Nidra a resortative meditation / Re-post

Namaste everyone!

This is a re-post from a few months ago. I have been doing  regular Yoga Nidra workshops for a while now and usually let people know that they can access the nidra recording from my blog. But since the original post was a while ago and I have posted many times since then, it is a bit of trouble for them to locate and I had another workshop Saturday, so I am re-posting. I hope you find peace & joy in meditation.

If you aren’t familiar with yoga nidra, let me give you a little background. Yoga Nidra translates “Yogic Sleep”, but it isn’t sleeping. It’s a deep meditative state that allows the body to heal its self on a cellular level. Nidra is one method of Pratyahara, the 5th limb of yoga and the gradually withdrawal of your senses.

Yoga Nidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity to the mind & body, it also induces deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation. Yoga Nidra takes us through the many layers of awareness, down through the levels of consciousness and into our sub-conscience. In Yoga Nidra our brain moves beyond sleep & dreaming accessing the healing Theta waves & the restorative Delta waves, you are deeply relaxed and yet still in a state of awareness. It is deeply restorative and allows the body to completely de-stress.

I recorded the session, so if you‘d like to join us please make your self comfortable  by coming into savasana. Cover yourself with a blanket and place a bolster or pillows under your knees this will help your hips and lower back to be comfortable. This recording is about 35 minutes long, so allow yourself plenty of time. Give up any expectations of what you will experience in Yoga Nidra, and simply allow yourself the opportunity to relax. Relaxing takes practice, so meditate often and use this audio whenever you like.

I made the choice to have it hosted on YouTube, since YouTube is a video site, I had to make a video for it. So I just grabbed some flower pictures from our garden last year and some snowy pictures from last winter and made a slide show.  The picture quality isn’t the best and this is my first attempt at a YouTube video. Since I plan on uploading audio podcasts of live classes & workshops I’m going to research other hosting & posting options.

But hey, don’t worry about what it looks like just close your eyes put your head phones on and kick back.

Om Shanti


3 thoughts on “Yoga Nidra a resortative meditation / Re-post

  1. Hi
    Happy that you are getting something out of Yoga Nidra but I’m just wondering if it’s for everyone. Over month ago I bought Rod Stryker’s Relax into Greatness and I’ve been following it every other day. However, just last week I was not well for about 3 days. I experienced diarrhea, a taste of bile in my throat and stomach but the next day I was totally fine. The point is all the things I’ve read about Yoga Nidra has not happened. I’m still a bit anxious and at night I still have sleepless nights. Am I doing anything wrong?


    1. I doubt your doing anything wrong. Nidra, like all types of meditation isnt for everyone. Also it might be that your trying too hard or expecting too much too soon. It took me a while to appreciate nidra, I have a very active mind, always going here and there, classic case of ‘monkey brain’ so people like me and sometimes people suffering with anxiety issues find that lying there for 30+ minutes is hard! So maybe start with shorter more breath centered meditations. Also often times people w/anxiety issues have short & shallow breathing patterns, so learning deep breathing techniques can be a big help. So look in your area for qualified councilors that are also yogis, they can work w/you, teaching you the techniques that will work best for you. We are all different it may be that nidra just isnt for you. Good luck and Namaste.


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