Sunday Haiku….. July 1 2012

sitting in silence
within I seek some stillness
passing thoughts abound
Om Shanti

4 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku….. July 1 2012

  1. Hi Cheryl. Is this the first time I’ve visited your blog? It looks different. I thought I had browsed here before. Glad to be here now! 🙂 I wanted to leave the response to your comment on my video piece here, because I was not sure if you would get it at my blog. So here it is….

    Hi Cheryl. I am pleased that you take the time to view my work in depth. It is interesting, what you have said. I too repeatedly view my work over time. It captures and relives moments from the past
    when it was created. It also reestablishes the emotional context of the experience. And yet, it also creates a experience that is of the present moment, when viewed in the here and now. Art has a way of transcending time. Providing something new each time it is experienced.

    Have a great day. And it would be nice to work on a video together sometime. Your thoughts my images.



    1. You have been here before 🙂
      Yesterday, in fact. But maybe it looked different do to the post lay out. And I know you must have many visitors to yiour blog and it msut be hard to keep up with them all. Yes to a joint project someday. Your images and my words. Sounds lovely.
      Om Shanti


  2. sandy

    I love this one, Cheryl! Words that come out of meditation are special.

    You asked me a question on my page. I tried to answer it there, but was out of replies. What comes first, the photo or the haiku? It depends. Sometimes a poem comes into my head complete, and have to look for a shot. Other times, there is something about a photo that feels like a haiku, and I work to bring it out.

    Right now, I have a shot of a black swallowtail butterfly in the air, that I hope will turn into a poem.


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