A test

So i finally joined the 21st century. I got a “smart phone”, a Samsung NOTE. Testing to see if this app really works for wordpress. While this phablet (phone / tablet) is big it functions well. The screen is beautiful. But the touch screen is taking a while to get use d to.


Om shanti


4 thoughts on “A test

  1. Welcome to the world of technology-enhanced living. Smartphones are great tools to simplify your life, especially when you are on the go. I have an iPhone and an iPad and I use them both in my yoga teaching and business. Check out the yoga apps available to be installed on your smartphone–there are some nice ones out there. Enjoy!

    OM Shanti – Namaste


    1. Change is hard! LOL. I havent even begun to learn all this baby will do. Right now I’m just trying to update my calendar. I have seen some of the yoga app’s on other devices so I cant wait to try them out. The voice recognition on this thing is amazing. So I can actually “speak” my posts…..when I figure out how 🙂



    1. I dont know how you do it! You have so many readers and comments I cant imagine you get to all of them, but I know you do….somehow. I love your stuff, I really do. I dont always ‘comment’ mainly because your posts always get me thinking and then I want to ‘write’ a novel in your comments LOL.


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