Ommmmmmm…….Yum & Yuck

Tom Robbins, author of Still Life with Woodpecker &  Even Cowgirls Get the Blues once wrote that there are only 2 mantras ‘Yum’ & Yuck’.

And if you think about it there’s some wisdom there. Things either nourish us or they don’t. Food, thoughts, ideas, the people in our lives can either be beneficial or damaging, or at the very least not nourishing. It always seems to come down to the choices we make. Choices about what food to eat or people to hang with or which thoughts & ideas we allow to linger in our minds.

Some choices are obviously not beneficial, smoking, eating heavily processed foods or staying in an abusive relationship.  Some choices, at least on the surface, seem like a good idea at the time. For example I know a woman, a dear friend, who read about how carrots are good for you. So she began to eat more carrots…. a lot more carrots! Sounds like a good thing, Yummy, right? All that vitamin A and beta carotene, feel healthier just thinking about it. But if all you eat are raw carrots for several months you can raise the levels of vitamin A in your body to dangerous heights. And that’s what she did, ate so many carrots she turned orange, her palms,  her eyes, Orange! True story folks. 

So what in your life is Yummy or Yucky? What choices can you make everyday to balance your Yum and Yuck!

Om shanti



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