Viva La’ Evolution!

I love it when I read someone’s great post and it invokes in me the need to write a novel in the comments section.  A lovely post by Diane, over at In My Opinion, was just such a post, she writes about her life and how she has changed. She talks about not being perfect and how she made changes in her life, it’s a great piece. My brain immediately picks up on the ‘perfect’ bit and takes off running. It’s a subject that we have all struggled with, women especially, we are bombarded by the media, told what is perfect, whether it’s about our bodies or how clean our house is or about the choices we have made in our lives.

No One Is Perfect! Nothing is perfect!

Perfect doesn’t exist.  And even if you have a picture perfect body right now that will change. Maybe, right now, you have the perfect job or the relationship side of your life is peachy keen, trust me that will change too. But change can be a good thing; maybe your body changed due to child-birth, having kids is worth it! Maybe your future  holds a career change that right now you can’t imagine but will allow you to grow and to serve in ways you never thought of. Change is constant. It’s an evolutionary process that is necessary. As a child you changed almost daily, growing taller, reaching puberty, getting your braces off, experimenting with hair styles. The only thing that won’t change is your past, so don’t let it screw up your future, embrace the here & now.  And know that life is ever-changing. But the constant change doesn’t mean you don’t put down roots or settle on a hair color that works for you. It means that nothing is perfect!

So whether it’s your body or lifestyle or work you choose, cut yourself some slack and go all Bobby McFerrinn and Dont Worry Be Happy, especially with the choices you make right now, because they may change. Hell they will change or you’ll change or the people around you will change. So how can perfect be achieved if we are all still evolving? Lets embrace those changes.


Om Shanti


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