What a waste of time!

Fear is a waste of time, energy and potential. Use your time & energy wisely and you will find your potential.

So what fear blocks you from your potential?

Fear of loss or maybe of winning? Fear of failure or success? Fear of death or life? Fear of pain or change? The list is endless…until you decide to end it.

Fear causes us to shrink, to draw in and retreat. But fear you say can keep us safe, when we’re afraid of fire we’re less likely to get burned, but wouldn’t it be more productive if instead of fear based thinking, you could turn it around and tell yourself you have a healthy respect for things that could do potential harm. Respect inst the same as fear. Fear holds you back from all that you could achieve and all that you could do for others. Turn your thoughts around and ‘fear’ of something becomes ‘doing’ something and ‘being’ someone.

And really, all you get from a fear of fire is the inability to roast marshmallows.

Om shanti



10 thoughts on “What a waste of time!

  1. When we face our fears we become stronger. Fear of actual danger (military enemies) is different than fear for the sake of being afraid. (fire, heights, small spaces, spiders) Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


    1. ..and different from being afraid of your own shadow or an outcome or the future. Flying monkeys are another story. Scared the crap outta me as a kid. Witches on bicycles, no problem! Tornadoes, no biggie. But Flying monkeys, nope having none of that 🙂


    1. I know, part of me misses that child like curiosity that didnt know what could happen. Or care, we just jumped first and asked questions later. Of course that lead to many skinned knees and in my neck of the woods the occasional ‘”whooped behind” but it was worth it.


  2. Having a sense of fear is not all totally bad. For example, for folks serving in the military, when engaged in hostile conflict having a healthy sense of fear keeps one on the edge, sharp and hopefully alive at the end. I think there are similar instances that occur in lives of everyday people where a healthy sense of fear can help one. Of course, these instances are the exception and not the norm.

    OM Shanti – Namaste


    1. I know what you mean, but I word it a bit differently, that kind of healthy fear is more akin to respect. Respecting our enemy isnt the same as fearing. Fear can cause you to freeze in action and on the battle field (or in an alley or abusive relationship) that will get you killed. I am referring more the fears that get in our way, that blind us to the potential for growth. Love that you commented, havent seen you post in a while, Glad to see you.


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