Whats your WD40 when you get stuck?

 When we get stuck in patterns of behavior or in the same old routine, what do you do to get un-stuck? How do you move forward? Dont get me wrong ‘routine’ can be a good thing, it keeps our teeth brushed and the dog fed. But what can you do to free yourself from the patterns that hold you back, that keep you from your successes? I tell my students, especially the new ones, that when they show up, they have already done the hard part. There isn’t an abdominal sequence or pretzel move that’s harder than showing up.

We have to break the cycle of behavior that allows us to talk ourselves out of or into circumstances that hold us back. When the notions or ideas come into your mind that you ‘cant’ or ‘your too tired’ or ‘why try, you’ve failed before’, STOP!

Slow down. Start a conversation with yourself. Tell yourself, “don’t go down that road” and if your already headed in the direction of negativity, back up and start over.

Think a new thought. Look at the Idea or thought that was negative and spin it in another direction, ‘I’m too tired’ becomes, ‘ well I’ll just get started and see how far my energy takes me’. ‘I’ve failed before’ becomes ‘I’m going to keep trying, the outcome will be different’. Be open to changes in your thoughts.

Open your heart. When we open our hearts we move in a direction that is positive. Moving towards others with open hearts is often times easier than doing something for ourselves, and helping others give us courage to face and accept challenges, to embrace the changes they bring.

Position yourself for change. Put yourself in a position that not only allows change but welcomes it. Make small changes that give you the opportunity to step outside the box, to test the waters.  If your trying to get to yoga class and everything gets in the way, position yourself for change, keep your mat in your car, find a class that’s easy to get to. Change the idea ‘you cant’ to ‘I will” and keep it simple.

So, what gets you to the mat when you just dont want to. What gets you out the door when sitting on the couch seems a lot easier. How do you break free from the old patterns that keep you from trying something new. How can you STOP the old routine and become open to change.

Om Shanti