Sunday Haiku….. April 29, 2012 and May 6th 2012

Mike and I went backpacking (well sorta, it’s an interesting tale, I’ll  post about it in a day or two), he went for 7 days and I went for 3. He has way more vacation days than I do. Anyway, since he kept the camera with him I couldn’t post any of the pictures till he came back and several of them inspired the following haiku’s, so I wrote last weeks haiku,  but waited until I had the pictures to go along with them to actually post them. I wrote the first one on the trail as we headed up Blood Mountain in Georgia.

They are called the Smoky Mountains for a reason.

Enjoy the pictures, it was a beautiful place.

Om Shanti


April 29th

things all green and grey
spring fog in the air is sweet
today a new path
early morning,headed up "Blood Mountain. GA" 
 May 6th 2012
moma’s got new shoes
these boots were made for walkin’
trillium lined trails

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku….. April 29, 2012 and May 6th 2012

  1. Is this your writing site? Wonderful and inspirational photos. I think I will bookmark this site.
    Elfje are unique – just a different counting than haiku, and I don’t always follow either guideline strictly. hope you do write and post some. Do share your Elfje with Simplyelfje


    1. Thank you for coming to visit. This is my “everything’ site. Mostly yoga and spirituality or whatever happens to be lurking in my mind. Thank you for your kind words and yes I will give Elfje a try and I will share them.


      1. The mind is a wonder. I like to tease that at this point my remaining marbles aren’t as shiny as they once were and a bit rough around the edges… but I do think I am happier. Peace.


  2. Pingback: What did Yoga teach me this week? ..Flexibility of course or “If the boot fits, but is broken, do I still have to wear it?” « Cheryl's Yoga Shanti

    1. Hi there, Dont I know you from somewhere LOL. Wait till you see the pic of my wonderful old Lowas, the new ones are Oboz. They are…OK, dont get me wrong their great boots, but the lowas were perfect.
      I love your lastest table btw. I look at your site alot I just realy post … i’m shy.


    2. OK now I really love your lastest table the cinco demayo is wonderful! When I said that before I meant the vintage table. Beautiful…… Hey how didyou get your gravatar for ‘wordpress’ to like right to your blogspot?


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