4 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku April 1 2012

  1. Your April Fool was a bit realistic for me this week. We were warned in the north of the UK it would indeed snow at the start of April — despite all the lovely sunshine we’d been having for the previous couple of weeks. Unfortunately it did snow, big flakes in Glasgow on Tuesday but luckily the council were prepared so gritting had taken place the night before. OK the snow laid light on the ground but still, there were new flowers in bloom and I feared for them. Luckily the flowers are still blooming, runners got their usual Tuesday run in and by Wednesday all was back to normal – a bit chilly but I think we had our summer weather in March. Boo! I’m continuing to think positively and enjoy your good yoga blogs.


    1. I know your warm season is short there but hopefully not ‘that’ short. Surely you will have some more sunshine in the months to come. We have had an unbelievebly warm ‘late winter’ here on Tennessee. Temps in the upper 80’s all through March, but this weekend seems more normal with the highs in the 70’s. But…..I will not put my plants out until the end of April I have jumped the gun in the past and lived to regret it. I will think warm thoughts for you, and thank you so much for reading.
      Just for the record you live in a part of the world that I would love to visit or to live, Scotland & Lreland have always had a special place in my heart.


      1. Thanks for your reply. Both countries – Scotland and Ireland are beautiful but if you ever plan a visit, pack clothes for 4 seasons. You won’t have wasted your time! Good luck with your plants. Kirsten 😉


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