What did Yoga teach you this week?


I read that question on someones Facebook page and thought now there’s an interesting question. What did, yoga teach me ? As a teacher sometimes I forget, I am a student too.

This week I felt the influence of yoga telling me “to stop pushing”.  Stop running. Whats your hurry? Why are you grabbing and clutching and at what?

When you can give up the pushing and the pulling and deeply surrender to where you are, giving up the notion that you must rush to an outcome, things become clearer. In those moments ideas become cemented in truth instead of illusion.

Just the act of simply slowing down and allowing things to unfold organically. Smoothly. Opens us to our higher purpose.

Well there is truth to be found in that.

There have been times in my life when I grabbed at every opportunity, no matter what it was. The opportunity to teach or to work. And that may have been the right thing then but not now. Now I know that not everything is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to work perhaps, but is it work that will transport me to the next level in life or keep me stuck…Here. Not that ‘here’ is a bad place, but is it the place for me now? Is this where I need to put my energy? Will this opportunity help me move into the next phase of my life?

So this week as opportunities came pouring in, more than I could possible take on, instead of saying yes to everything I could, (my normal pattern) I stopped and slowed down enough to allow things to happen as they should without the pushing. I relaxed and I listened, and when things began to unfold, I knew just where I needed to put my energy and where it was best to say, “thank you but no, I can’t”.  And some of the things I said ‘no’ to this week, in another time or place, might have been just the thing. But now, right now, as I shift my direction, change my focus, I am learning what might have been a golden opportunity ‘then’ will only serve me hold me back ‘now’.


So this week, I stopped pushing. Lets see what the Universe puts in front of me this week.

Bring it!

….wait, does that sound a little pushy you?

Om Shanti


3 thoughts on “What did Yoga teach you this week?

    1. Oh no! So sorry to hear that I hope its not something serious. And your right the concept of slowing down, really means being mindful, in my case of an energy sucking positions hidden behind what appeared to be opportunities. And in your case physical mindfulness. I do hope you mend quickly. Peace and light sent your way.


  1. Good article. I am the same. I am hoping my yogic discipline will help me become more “discerning” of “opportunities and challenges” to bring my attention and energies to such that they are the “right” choices to make. For me, it is finding the right job or even should I go back to the same line of work.

    Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bavantu

    OM Shanti – Namaste


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