Sunday Haiku….. March 18 2012

we let things slip past
and the ship sailed out to sea
mo anam cara



5 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku….. March 18 2012

  1. Hi Cheryl, I came across you at Elizabeth’s latest post. I am the guy who stated that there is always a jewel waiting to be found 🙂 I thought I would check out what you were up to. And to my surprise your discipline (spirituality, mantras, healing etc) are all apart of my blog at times as well. Coincidentally I have just completed 3 posts that mirror your Haiku above… the references to the influence of the sea, memories, aspirations and dreams. I am also in the middle of a series (I am a digital artist) entitled “The Silence Series – Chakra Colors for Meditation. Please when you have some time, stop by my blog and let me know what you think. I will subscribe to your blog and continue to follow your posts.


    1. Thanks Walter.
      Isnt it the best part about blogging, meeting like minded people whose differences are celebrated. I am on my way over to your place. See you there.


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