Monday, ain’t it Great!

“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.” Henry David Thoreau

Its Monday, my favorite day of the week. Yep I know that makes me weird, but Mondays are fresh, bright and a new beginning, even if only on a small scale, like a week. So how are you going to spend your new day, your new week? Are you walking consciously? Or is this the place where you leap?


5 thoughts on “Monday, ain’t it Great!

  1. Wow. The way you feel about Monday’s is so different than me. I have to learn to love them. I start dreading them on Sunday. I wonder what I can do to develop a different relationship with Mondays?


    1. For me, its about whats new. You could start by looking at each day as a new start. Today is the opportunity to start over, fresh. that sounds good right? But we have to be careful, we can get caught up in the idea that ‘starting fresh’ means ‘fixing’ what’s already happened, or simply discounting what’s past. That keeps us tied to the past, shackled to all those other Mondays that have gone before.
      That’s what I thought you had to do, adopt the mindset that I was fixing what’s broken from previous days. But you don’t! What a revelation that was. I can’t change what’s happened to all those other Mondays that have gone before. I can’t fix them, assuming I thought they were broken. But I can look at today, with a fresh perspective. This Monday hasn’t EVER happened before, what an opportunity we have to make today, this Monday, a great day, and unrelated to any other day. It carries no baggage, no troubles and no stress. Think about it, if you have a regular Monday – Friday type job (I can relate, I work PT mon – fri in a bank, in addition to the clients & classes I have), then by Friday you might be exhausted and your weekend is your play time or your time to rest, so to you maybe Monday represents the fact that the stress of the week starts all over again, so you’ve created a grove in your perception, like the grove in a record. It plays over and over every Sunday, “oh no here comes Monday” oh no here comes Monday ect ect.
      Maybe you can think of a way that works for you, to change that grove; to lay down a new track on the CD that plays over & over in your head.
      Let me know if that works for you 🙂


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