Sunday Haiku… March 4 2012

Bright skies overhead
Do not tell the whole story
The storms changed everything

Blessings to the people who lost so much more than things on Friday from all the deadly tornadoes. They lost security, peace of mind and many lost loved ones.

From the mid west
we pray for blessings and peace
to my own hometown


4 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku… March 4 2012

  1. sandy

    Another case of you just never know. I grew up in Oklahoma, and didn’t think much about the danger. I wouldn’t move back, now.

    Are your people safe?


    1. Yes thank you for asking. My family is well and safe although there were moments spent in bathtubs and closets. In my area, because its so mountainous, the tornados are so very random. They drop down and then back up then back down then back up. That sometimes only one house will get hit in one area and in another they are all gone. I have friends that lost a lot of posessions but are safe and sound. Now the work begins. In OK, KS other places like that just seem to get hit hard over & over again. I dont know, we just dont expect them here. When they happen it’s aways a shock.


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