its politics, its religion, its corpoate bullshit, and yes its yoga too.

Why are we all so surprised at the scandal taking place around John Friend and in the Anusara community? It’s just people baby. We touch it and there it goes; To hell in a handbasket. Politicians, religious leaders, corporate bigwigs, and of course spiritual leaders and yoga founders. We all have a little shark in us, and once they get the taste of blood it’s almost impossible for them not to go for more.

A politician grows out of a statesman, they start out as a someone wanting to better their community and before too long someone is whispering in their ear and then it seems they can do no wrong. Until they get caught.

Religious leaders, preachers, priests and swami’s have access to a power that’s hard to resist, people worship at your feet, hang on your every word and otherwise treat you like you really are the divine chosen one.

CEO’s and other corporate leaders have the same problem, poor little darlings, of welding great power without the ability to resist the pull of the money that comes with it.  And that’s what it comes down too, right? Power & Money.

Religion isn’t evil, but it uses money and power to spread it’s ideology. Amen to that!

Politics is a train that runs on money, lobbyists only work for the companies that pay them and politicians are put in office by the lobbyists. Show them the money!

A CEO that makes an embarrassing (i.e. shitload)  amount of money while their employees live paycheck to paycheck. Ahh the American dream.

Look, its real simple, Yoga isn’t bad, it’s not evil, it’s just people. I haven’t studied with many in anusara community, but those teachers I do know are strong & beautiful. But they are just regular folks like me, teachers out here in the world, trying to make a difference. And while I don’t have a horse in this race, I do feel  strongly that what started as a wonderful yogic path somehow became political, filled with religiosity and mired in corporate bullshit. John Friend lost his bearings and maybe someday he can make right the things he did wrong. Now, an awful lot of people who trusted him have lost their bearings too. But dont blame Yoga, it’s just people, baby.

Om Shanti



2 thoughts on “its politics, its religion, its corpoate bullshit, and yes its yoga too.

  1. The pattern you describe of people, power and money creating havoc in organizations has and continues to repeat itself over and over again in human history. But it all comes down to power, I think. There is a saying that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The problem in my view is that we as human beings, in general, get swept up in the awe of having that power, often insidiously, and don’t recognize what is happening, or if we do, won’t accept the reality of it. I think at times we all experience it at different levels relative to our situation. I heard one criticism of the Anusara community is how JF was sort of given “guru” status by its members which probably contributed to the development of a power mentality by him. A good way to avoid that is not to look on anyone as a guru. In my experience, a true guru reflects the guru in you and shows you the way to recognize that reality.

    OM Shanti – Namaste


    1. Oh, I couldn’t agree more. Our best Guru is ourselves. This is some of what yoga teaches us, to get to know ourselves, yes teachers come into our lives and facilitate the process, but we and we alone are responsible for our choices. People around JF knew what was happening, and its my understanding that they knew for some time, and choose to do nothing, until it began to implode then they jumped ship. So my question is whose really at fault? The people who gave him the power and the status? Or JF? He chose to use that power & status for his own benefit. Probably all of the above. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

      And your right its a process that’s been around as long as people have existed. My point was just that, it isn’t about yoga, it’s about power. I had a recent ‘conversation’ of sorts with someone (really it was them ranting about the evil’s of yoga and how this situation proved them right) so this was my response, it’s not about the yoga, it’s the problem people have when the power goes to their heads.

      Namaste & thank you for contributing to the conversation 🙂


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