Elephant journal of course

Nice piece on EJ about tattoos, regrets moving on ect ect..


and now my 2 cents ……

..heres the thing ’bout tat’s, there are only a very few places on a women’s body where ink will never ‘run’, soto speak, i.e. sag drag droop. One of those places is the lower back, lots of ink done on the lower back for years, and all was good….then….. came along young girls with low low  low pants, thong panties and innocent tattoos became tramp stamps. So I think its like everything else, Intention. The intention behind the act. Oh and nope I have no ink, oh I want some, always have,  I have it all planned, drawn out and ready to go. But I’m, well….. cheap, and practical. For years it was monetary choices like  ‘Milk for the boys or gas for the car’, never ‘hey lets put $200 into a tattoo’. Now it would seem that with all the kids grown and certainly I am financially better off, the choices are still there…’$200 for the ink or $200 towards the next yoga training’. And with 2 big trainings coming up in the next few months,  so nope no tat’s….yet.

Om Shanti



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