I love a sharpened #2 pencil

For years I wrote in notebooks, on scrap paper, napkins ect and now that I am reconnecting to the writing process I am typing (on a keyboard, at a PC, not actually a typewriter) almost everything I write is typed, and I’m getting used to it, I have even ‘written’ on my old Blackberry phone, using the memo pad, although that’s really more like texting then writing, but hey sometimes inspiration happens in some strange places, like hospital waiting rooms. But I still do my best stuff scribbling on paper. For one thing, I scribble faster than I type, hell, turtles run faster than I type, and scribbling keeps up with my speedy gonzales brain better. Secondly, if I don’t like a word, phrase or paragraph I scratch it out and move on, no back spacing or deleting. All that deleting screws with my train of thought, and if you scratch it out then decide you wanna use it any way or somewhere else its still there, you don’t have to go digging in your brain for it. You could get lost in there. It’s dark & a wee bit scary. And finally the worst thing that can happen when you’re scribbling, is that your pencil breaks or maybe if your actually getting a lot done (good for you) the pencil may need sharpened. But all manner of things can go wrong when your typing on the PC. Power interruptions being the worst, losing everything you created arrrggg, yea I know all about auto save, that don’t mean shit if the whole thing totally crashes. It can and has, just stopped working, frozen, taunting you with the words you have written still on the screen, but you can’t save them or copy & paste, all you can do is quickly grab paper & pencil and start scribbling, coping it down before the screen completely fades away.

George Bailey from Bedford Falls NY said that the 3 most exciting sounds are Anchor chains, plane motors and train whistles, but I am partial to the sound of a sharpened pencil scribbling across the page, that wonderful sound of a pencil scratching on paper is inspiring and exciting. But I guess I’m getting used to whole typing thing.


Om Shanti


Sunday Haiku……….Sunday February 26, 2012

new training new skills
new friends for life’s long journey
yoga sweet sweet sweat

I attended a Yoga Life Coach training this weekend in Nash-Vegas! Thats me on the back row, 6th from the left, next to the pretty girl in the blue. We had an amazing time and learned so much. This Sundays Haiku is for all the great beings I met there. Peace to you all.

Om Shanti

its politics, its religion, its corpoate bullshit, and yes its yoga too.

Why are we all so surprised at the scandal taking place around John Friend and in the Anusara community? It’s just people baby. We touch it and there it goes; To hell in a handbasket. Politicians, religious leaders, corporate bigwigs, and of course spiritual leaders and yoga founders. We all have a little shark in us, and once they get the taste of blood it’s almost impossible for them not to go for more.

A politician grows out of a statesman, they start out as a someone wanting to better their community and before too long someone is whispering in their ear and then it seems they can do no wrong. Until they get caught.

Religious leaders, preachers, priests and swami’s have access to a power that’s hard to resist, people worship at your feet, hang on your every word and otherwise treat you like you really are the divine chosen one.

CEO’s and other corporate leaders have the same problem, poor little darlings, of welding great power without the ability to resist the pull of the money that comes with it.  And that’s what it comes down too, right? Power & Money.

Religion isn’t evil, but it uses money and power to spread it’s ideology. Amen to that!

Politics is a train that runs on money, lobbyists only work for the companies that pay them and politicians are put in office by the lobbyists. Show them the money!

A CEO that makes an embarrassing (i.e. shitload)  amount of money while their employees live paycheck to paycheck. Ahh the American dream.

Look, its real simple, Yoga isn’t bad, it’s not evil, it’s just people. I haven’t studied with many in anusara community, but those teachers I do know are strong & beautiful. But they are just regular folks like me, teachers out here in the world, trying to make a difference. And while I don’t have a horse in this race, I do feel  strongly that what started as a wonderful yogic path somehow became political, filled with religiosity and mired in corporate bullshit. John Friend lost his bearings and maybe someday he can make right the things he did wrong. Now, an awful lot of people who trusted him have lost their bearings too. But dont blame Yoga, it’s just people, baby.

Om Shanti


People are like stained-glass windows

Elizabeth Kubler Ross has a great quote and its one of my faves….People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
Yoga has so much to teach us about acceptance. Heather has a lovely post about self acceptance ”http://yogaouttheyinyang.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/non-yoga-self-improvement-or-un-unpretty/ She’s such a wonderful example of ‘beauty on the inside reflected outward’. She  has been reviewing yoga studios in and around Toronto and she also posted a review of Ahimsa Yoga studio and for me the 2 posts are very connected.  In Yoga Ahimsa is one of the  Yamas and Nyamas, the do’s and don’ts of yoga, if you will, and it  means “Do no Harm” and that idea must start with ourselves, Do ourselves no harm. The concepts of  compassion & acceptance have to begin with us, only then can we can translate it to others.

Om Shanti


…..about those yoga myths

 You can read the whole article here and the comments people have left there, kinda funny. And a fun read.


 But in a nutshell here are the Top 10 Myths About What the Requirements are to be a Competent Yoga Teacher These Days:

10.  That you must be super flexible
9.  That you must be skinny
8.  That you have to be “new agey” looking or at least act “new agey”
7.  That you must be good looking
6.  That you must be registered with yoga alliance (not exactly sure who and what they are for)
5.  That you must wear lululemon with your behind looking good in it
4.  That you sport a halo
3.  That you eat blue green algae and drink kombucha
2.  That you can speak Sanskrit fluently and you have studied in India
1.  You’ve been to Bali

Now I know this post was written sarcastically, tongue in cheek and to shed some light on the problem of how the media represents yoga at least that’s what I hope the author’s intention was.

well…. I’m a  successful,  and I might add, competent yoga teacher, lets see how I rate:

I am not ubber flexible, or super skinny.

My kids call me an old hippy but I dont do the whole new agey thing.

I don’t wear lulu stuff, I will not spend that much money on something I am only going to sweat in.

I have a halo but only drag it out to guilt trip the kiddies and the occasional hubby.

I like the blue/green algae but I also drink martinis.

I do speak some Sanskrit but my students and friends from India have to correct me… a lot.

I am not good-looking, I am average and can pretty up if I have time and if I happen to get a chance to go to Atlanta for a day a-way, I am lucky! Bali, India!? I do not think so.

I am not registered with YA ,  although damnit! I will probably have to succumb to the pressure.  My certifications and trainings are through a school(s)  registered with YA, but that’s where I leave my allegiance.

My classes are full and my students empowered to know their own bodies and souls. Yoga has unfortunately gone down a road that looks a lot like everything we are supposed to be enlightened enough to not give a shit about, aka what we look like, who are ‘YOU’ certified through, what are you wearing. All designed to make us think less of our selves so that we can ‘better’ ourselves just by acquiring what ever the hell they happen to be selling. And they will do anything to sell their stuff!

So if being successful means having your picture on the cover of the Yoga version of Rolling Stone, then I am SOL and to the blogger who  posted on another site “They might be the top ten myths but sadly enough, almost all successful yoga teachers fulfil these requirements”  I think what she meant, is that it is a sad truth that yoga is represented this way(at least that’s what I hope she meant).

Om Shanti


Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. ~Gene Fowler


I promised myself I would write every day, however I made nooo promises about writing anything worth posting everyday. So here I am struggling to write something and I can’t even come up with a ‘Gratitude’ post. Oh I am grateful for so many things but write about them, who the  heck wants to hear about that (little voice/ back of the head/ stompstompstomp)…….. Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.  The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.  ~Sylvia Plath

Some days writing comes easy. Like an unexpected rain on a sunny day inspiration pours out and flows, sweet and rich, on to the page like warm honey. And on others it’s like treasure hunting at Fort Knox and all you have are an old spoon and a rusty chisel. It would appear this is one of those days. And so I breathe.

Stuck, inflexible & blocked, the mind too busy to sit in stillness long enough to allow thoughts and ideas to jell, to solidify into content. So I breathe, long slow gloriously full breaths, giving myself permission to feel the sensations that are the inhale. The inhale melts the sticky substances that hold my thoughts and ideas, giving them up to the light. And on the exhale they escape out into the ‘verse; allowed to fly they may someday find their way to paper and if not they are at least free.

 Om Shanti

Elephant journal of course

Nice piece on EJ about tattoos, regrets moving on ect ect..


and now my 2 cents ……

..heres the thing ’bout tat’s, there are only a very few places on a women’s body where ink will never ‘run’, soto speak, i.e. sag drag droop. One of those places is the lower back, lots of ink done on the lower back for years, and all was good….then….. came along young girls with low low  low pants, thong panties and innocent tattoos became tramp stamps. So I think its like everything else, Intention. The intention behind the act. Oh and nope I have no ink, oh I want some, always have,  I have it all planned, drawn out and ready to go. But I’m, well….. cheap, and practical. For years it was monetary choices like  ‘Milk for the boys or gas for the car’, never ‘hey lets put $200 into a tattoo’. Now it would seem that with all the kids grown and certainly I am financially better off, the choices are still there…’$200 for the ink or $200 towards the next yoga training’. And with 2 big trainings coming up in the next few months,  so nope no tat’s….yet.

Om Shanti