Jen’s new article

“Leap and the net will appear” John Burroughs. .. We cant always know if there is a ‘chute or a net, but if all we do is stand there, we will never know. We have to trust, trust in our own abilities, the love of friends and family and of our divine gifts. These things are the nets that will support us, catch us and allow us to enjoy the view from the heights others have only dreamed of.

Om Shanti


My friend Jen is a columnist for The Chattanoogan, an online newspaper. She has been writing about her adventures in life for a while now and I read them all, and  although I dont always post a response, I do love her stuff, moxie and  chutzpah!  Most of the time she and I ‘talk’ via facebook, what I wrote above was what I posted about her most recent article. Peace Jen.

Read Jen’s article below

A Chattanoogan Back Home – “Geronimo!”
posted January 23, 2012

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Jen Jeffrey

you can read her full article here.—Geronimo.aspx


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