…the best laid plans, better be flexible, I’m just sayin’.

You know how when you start something, maybe dinner or a craft project or in my case today, yoga class, and you know how you have a plan. Oh maybe it’s not a list makers dream plan, but you have a clear idea, maybe even some nice 3×5 cards with your ideas written out, in nice bold print so you can see it in the slightly dim room with new glasses and old eyes. You know what I mean; you start making chicken enchiladas for dinner but it morphs into chicken pot pie.  Or that time you started to make a real pretty pair of earrings out of paper clips and ended up with a new collar for the dog.

Well today’s class was like that.

 I had a plan.

I knew what I was going to do (the 3×5 cards were in my bag if I needed help), but about 15 minutes in I realized some folks needed help. Damn it they were struggling and Yoga is about giving that shit up, stopping the struggle. So I stopped after a few rounds of Suyranmaskara and asked a simple question, “Does anyone need help with any thing?” Class direction changed wildly from there and became an anatomy lesson with demonstrations; pose breakdowns and talks about energetic movement, with words like ‘internal & external rotation’, lifting, floating and ‘wrapping’. I loved it! It was awesome as it became a workshop for 20 minutes. They asked about their tight hips and weak shoulders, short hamstrings and bum knees. We talked about creating movement that starts with the breath, not with the movement dictating the breath. About how important the foundations are in creating the strength necessary to each pose and to each body. They helped each other with tips about what worked for them in poses, about what makes yoga accessible for them. And we should be able to make yoga accessible.

Yoga should be about a level of comfort as well as challenge. Let go of concepts and ideas you have of what you ‘cant’ do and embrace what you can access right now and grow your changes from there. Be comfortable, free and open, but continue to challenge your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga + everyday + commitment = strength, flexibility, health and freedom.

Om Shanti



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