Building your Home Practice…Childs pose

Everyone I talk to says they don’t have a home practice because ‘they aren’t disciplined enough’ or ‘they can’t push themselves as hard as a teacher can’. That they just don’t know what to do! I think we are making this idea of home practice too hard. Why do you have to do an hour and a half power yoga class at home? Seriously! Why? …. My home practice is Simple. Sedate. Quiet. When I want a ‘kick butt practice’ I either take a class or go to the gym or studio when the room is empty and kick my own butt! But at home I take it easy. I usually don’t have an extra hour and a half at home and I bet you don’t either. So maybe, at the beginning, just keep it simple….

Start with Child pose. A pose that seems so simple but can bring a complexity to your practice. Especially if you’re like me and find that being still is a challenge. Come to your mat, on your knees, sit back on your heels and lower your head towards the mat. The object here is to get the hips on the heels, and over time allow the head to reach the floor. You can take the knees wide allowing the belly and chest to drop toward the floor or keep them together. If it’s a challenge to get your head to the floor, use a block or a small pillow or even your fists, and rest your head. Remember that you want the  center of your forehead making the contact, not your hairline or the crown of your head. Once in Childs pose resist the urge to make your ‘to do’ list or to let your mind wander. Keep your awareness on your breath and for 5 full breaths try to stay still and relaxed.

When you’re ready slowly sit on your heels or in Sukasana (simple crossed legs), take a few deep breaths, roll up your mat and get on with your day.

See that wasn’t too hard, maybe 5 minutes out of your day. No, I suppose it didn’t build your core awareness or your upper body strength. No you probably didn’t sweat buckets, but how do you feel?  You did the hardest part; you came to your mat with mindfulness and an attention to your breath and now you have a starting place for your home practice. Next time we’ll add a little more. See you then.




Let me know what you think.

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