fierce adj.  Having a savage and violent nature; ferocious. cruel. Extremely severe or violent; terrible: very disagreeable or unpleasant.

Or is it………

In yoga Fierce refers to a new level of intensity, a higher excellence,  it means to be eager, vehement, or strong.

 It means to be  Bold……

Take on life with confidence, defy your critics, aim for the highest peak, swim the deepest ocean.  Be courageous!

Seek your truth while others hide their heads. To be Fierce is to find courage and strength but being cautious as well. If someone stands in our way we move them with our actions, not beat them over the head or hurt them with our words. Fierce is strong and flexible. Strong enough to speak our truth and to stand up for who we are. But flexible enough to know there are many ways in the world, many paths and to fiercely respect the truth of others.

Fierce Pose with a twist

Om Shanti


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