You Might be a yoga geek if….

Ok I took the test its offical…. I am a Yoga Geek

Borrowed from

You might be a yoga geek if…

  • You take pictures of your pets and/or children striking yoga poses….well I havent caught the boys doing yoga but the dog, yes and of course I have pictures of myself in Yoga poses
  • There are dirty footprints on your walls. ….. HAHAHA yea I do. One of the gyms where I teach has mirrors and when we do Viparita Karani ( legs up the wall) or Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana ( standing splits on the wall ) I always tell my class to make sure and leave lots of  footie prints just to make the next class ( cardio ) wonder what we were doing Tee hee.
  • You know words in Sanskrit that you can’t remember how to say in Spanish…. not fair I dont speak spanish, but I do know some sanskrit words that I dont know in english.
  • You use a neti pot…. havent in years, but its great if you have allergies.
  • You videotape yourself practicing yoga…. well. my Mom lives in Nashville and wanted to see me doing yoga and some poses you can t see yourself in, so you do vid’s so you can work on form, yea thats it. Thats my story.
  • You dream about yoga……and Baron Baptiste
  • You’ve convinced your partner that the most practical thing to do with the spare bedroom is to turn it into a yoga room….not sure how he feels about the Buddah window shade though.
  • You have a special bookshelf designated for your collection of yoga books… only one bookshelf, please thats for novices I have 2 book cases.
  • You pack yoga props for business trips and vacations…..but blocks and straps are so light
  • You’re considering a yoga conference or a meditation retreat for your next vacation…..I’m thinking Costa Rica~
  • You spend enough time on to qualify as a part-time job…. if only they’ed pay me
  • You do arm balances at dinner parties…. dont be silly…cocktail parties only
  • Your teacher has a worn-out yoga mat and a copy of Light on Yoga that’s losing its binding, and you think it’s cool……My guru lived in India for 12 years, way cooler…
  • No one ever seems to want to carry on a conversation about yoga for as long as you do…..Izz can talk a bit 🙂
  • Your girlfriends ask you how your husband feels about all the yoga stuff you do……..its funny but no one ever asks him how I feel about him always doing all that ‘hunting stuff’

Let me know what you think.

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