Yoga in the Park, July 2011

We had a great class!

So I have decided to post some things here that I wrote & posted elsewhere. So if the dates seem a little off just bear with me as I get caught up moving things around.
This past July I taught a Yoga class at the Enterprise South Nature Park, for those who don’t know, it’s the park next to the new VW plant on the old Volunteer Ammunition plant site. It was a great class, this is what I wrote and posted to FB the next day………

Wow! What a great day for Yoga in the park! After an endless summer of scorching heat and humbling humidity, we woke up to 80′ temps and the lowest humidity in weeks. I got to the park about 20 minutes early, pulled into the parking area, grabbed my yoga bag and headed over to the picnic area, but someone had gotten there ahead of me. 2 beautiful Doe’s! There are deer everywhere in the park and they’re almost tame, since, with the exception of a few draw hunts, that area hasnt been hunted in decades. They stood there about 10 feet away from me just looking at me with those big brown eyes; it was as if they were giving us their blessing. For several moments I looked back at them and as I smiled they turned and walked back into the forest. What an amazing start to a great day. The sky was slightly overcast, so the sun wasn’t too hot. There was just enough of a breeze to cool the sweat on our brows but not enough to cool us down. An asana practice builds heat in the body, creating tapas which burns away impurities and opens up the blocked energy in the body, so we want to be warm but no one wants to be miserable. This Goldilocks thinks it was juuusst right.

The picnic area was wide open with a few tables nestled in the trees leaving an open grassy oasis surrounded by the forest. The grassy area was large enough to have had 40 people there with their mats. There were only a few sticks on the ground mingling with the leaves and dirt and I am willing to bet that a few of the students will bring a blanket with them next time to keep their arms and legs from getting dirty.

And as we came to standing on our mats I found that making the connection to the earth was easier than ever.

What was truly amazing, beyond the deer and dear friends old and new, was that there weren’t any bugs, no ants, no bees, sweat flies or mosquitoes and no ‘no-see-ums’.

Unlike being in a studio or gym, I choose not to play music, allowing instead, the sounds of nature and our breath to accompany our practice.

And so we did yoga, as a moving meditation, amongst the birds, butterflies and trees.
A heartfelt thanks to all who came



One thought on “Yoga in the Park, July 2011

  1. Denise

    Your outdoor yoga sounds perfect. I hope you do it again, soon. Your classes are always great – you give so much of yourself to your students.


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